Is Kit Harington Still Married to His Wife Leslie?

Is Kit Harington Still Married

On-set, Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are a perfect match. The couple has gone a long way since Ygritte’s initial frigid “You know nothing, Jon Snow” on Game of Thrones. They have been married for about four years in real life and welcomed their first kid in 2021.

But while we were able to witness their characters’ narratives unfold on-screen, they have kept their real-life romance, which, unlike Game of Thrones narratives, has a happily-ever-after, largely under wraps.

Who is Kit Harington?

Christopher Catesby Harington is an English actor who was born on December 26, 1986. He is known for playing Jon Snow on HBO’s epic fantasy TV show Game of Thrones (2011–2019).

Is Kit Harington Still Married

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Harington studied acting at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. In 2009, he played the lead role of Albert Narracott in the West End play War Horse, which was his first job as an actor. He has been nominated for several awards, including the Golden Globe Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Harington created, produced, and starred in the 2017 BBC drama series Gunpowder, which was based on the main role his ancestor Robert Catesby played in the Gunpowder plot. In 2014, he played parts in the movies Pompeii, a historical romance, Testament of Youth, a British period drama, and Eternals, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (2021). In the second and third How to Train Your Dragon movies, he also gave Eret a voice (2014–19).

Are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Still Married?

Yes! In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK published in April 2022, Leslie talked about their relationship and how she has been there for him despite his struggles with substance misuse.

Is Kit Harington Still Married

She told the magazine, “I’ve learnt a lot about addiction, and it’s something Kit is forever going to be aware of, but it’s on him whether he chooses to drink again.”

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The more you try to micromanage his every move, the more determined he becomes to follow through on his own accord. The idea that I should force myself to succeed is absurd to me. The blame for his behaviour is on him. It’s not on me to defend him from it.”

How Did Rose Leslie and Kit Harington Meet?

Leslie and Harington first met on the Game of Thrones set. However, like their respective characters, they did not have an initial romantic relationship. Harington told the Evening Standard in 2014 that rumours he was dating Leslie were “completely false,” adding, “Rose and I are quite close and wonderful friends. And continue to do so. She is remarkable. But no, no love affair.” He did specify, though, that he “would not tell the press” whether he was in a relationship or not at the time.

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When did things become romantic? While it is unclear when their romance began, Harington told Vogue Italia in 2016 that his favourite memory of the series was the “three weeks we spent filming the second season in Iceland.

Is Kit Harington Still Married

” He added, “Because the country is gorgeous, because the Northern Lights are enchanted, and because I fell in love there. If you’re already attracted to someone and they play your love interest on the programme, falling in love becomes quite easy.

The couple made their red carpet debut at the 2016 Olivier Awards in London, and in 2017 Harington disclosed to Esquire that they were moving in together.

When Did Rose Leslie and Kit Harington Get Married?

The wedding of Leslie and Harington took place on June 23, 2018. They celebrated their storybook romance in Wardhill Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which is owned by Leslie’s family. Attendees included Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, and Peter Dinklage, forming a sort of Game of Thrones ensemble reunion.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Does Kit Harrington Have Any Children?

“They had a newborn boy and are overjoyed,” a representative for Harington told Us Weekly in February 2021, about a year after the Scottish actress showed her baby bulge in a photo shoot for Make Magazine in the United Kingdom.

Kit Harrington’s wife is Rose Leslie.

Did Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington Get Along?

He didn’t work with Emilia Clarke on the show until the last two seasons, but now they are good friends.