Is Juliette and Clark Still Together in 2023?


During Season 4 of Siesta Key, we witnessed Juliette Porter’s relationship with Sam Logan blossom and ultimately disintegrate in front of the cameras. Clark Drum was by Juliette’s side within a short time of their separation.

The first time we saw Clark was in October 2021, when Juliette shared a photo of him at the wedding of Madison Hausburg and Ish Soto.

Who is Clark?

Clark Drum is a realtor who specializes in the Fort Lauderdale luxury waterfront real estate market.

His extensive knowledge of boats and local waterways gives him a unique perspective on waterfront real estate in South Florida.

Clark Drum was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and raised there. Kelly is a principal partner at Drum Realty, while Christine is a licensed associate. Ted, his grandfather, is the founder and principal broker of the family business.

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Mr. Drum spent his entire childhood years with his three siblings, Olivia, Sophie, and Cole Drum. Additionally, he has one uncle, Scott Clark, and a Florida-based aunt, Lynn Johnson Lagos.

Are Clark and Juliette Still Together?

Yes, it appears that Juliette and Clark are still going strong. Following the conclusion of Season 5, Juliette posted an Instagram Story in which she is seen flying to Dubai with a man who appears to be Clark.

Earlier this month, she also posted a slideshow of Las Vegas photographs on Instagram. Clark was seen in the most recent photo and also commented on the post, confirming that the couple’s relationship is still strong.

Why She and Sam Ended Their Relationship?

Juliette was very forthright about the reasons why she and Sam broke up.

“You put in extra effort when you love someone, but I was miserable, I was spent emotionally, and I wasn’t prioritizing myself. It was unfair that I had to pick between us. In short, they were in a very unhealthy relationship “the woman declared.

Now that she has rediscovered love, however, she has no qualms about comparing her current partner to her abusive ex. “I could not ask for anything else besides [Clark]. It was unnecessary because I obtained precisely what I desired.

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Essentially, he is the antithesis of Sam. Not that he lacks self-assurance or anything, but… It is pleasant to be with someone interested in your thoughts and emotions.

Juliette Gushed During an Interview About Clark

Juliette is not reticent about her relationship with Clark, even though she and Clark rarely post pictures of themselves together. In a March interview with Life and Style, the designer discussed her “amazing” relationship with her boyfriend, stating:

He just wants to be with me, as if nothing else matters. He only desires happiness; he lacks a large ego. I mean, he listens to me and retains information. He is mindful. He is outstanding.

Juliette continued by describing how they spend every day together and how it was “love at first sight” when they met. She then stated:

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Since our initial meeting, we have never stopped talking. It was as if we began dating the moment we met. I mean, we spend every weekend together, so we must be serious, but we’re young and there’s no rush for us right now. We’re only concerned with happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Clark and Juliette Still Dating?

Yes, they are still together. On the premiere of Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Clark Drum, the boyfriend of Juliette Porter, received mixed reviews from fans due to his lack of enthusiasm and refusal to be filmed for the show. The couple has been together since October 2021, and the show’s latest season appears to have begun filming in early summer 2022.

What Does Clark Juliette’s Boyfriend Do?

Clark Drum is the new boyfriend of Juliette Porter. According to Clark’s LinkedIn profile, he is a licensed yacht broker and real estate agent in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for his family’s real estate company. According to his Instagram account, he enjoys traveling and the outdoors.

What is Clark’s Age, Juliet’s Boyfriend?

He is not narcissistic. I mean, he may be the first guy I’ve dated who is not a narcissist. So that’s fantastic for me.” Juliette and Clark, both 28, have been together since October 2021, and their relationship milestones will be featured in season 5 of the MTV reality television series.