Is Ian Gallagher Gay In Real Life? All You Need To Know.

Is Ian Gallagher Gay In Real Life

Are the Rumours True or false on the internet of the famous American Actor Cameron Monaghan that is is a gay? Is the Ian Gallagher played by Cameron Monaghan such a handsome personality is gay?

When the news break out of Cameron Monaghan after playing his character in the shameless series as a gay? All are lost and searching about its personality and status. Is he gay in his real life?

Let’s check more about Ian Gallagher who is known as Cameron Monaghan in real life and his real life.

The career of Cameron Monaghan began when his mother sent his images or photos to the modelling agencies as he looks smart from the childhood and now he is so much handsome and the fans and the lovers got shocked when the rumour came about his personality after joining Shameless season.

Is Ian Gallagher Gay In Real Life

In the Shameless series he played the 3rd oldest children of the siblings of Gallagher’s struggling family and this good looking personality joined the drama in 2011.

This attractive and good looking actor played the role of Ian Gallaghers in the series who is Gay in this Shameless drama series.

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If you have seen this drama then you know that Ian has a good and lovely relationship with Mickey played by Noel Fisher.

Now what he does in his real life, is he dating men in Real Life? No, Cameron Monaghan is a gay in real life but he only played this characer in the drama and he loved his character to play in the Shameless.

Is Ian Gallagher Gay In Real Life

In the shameless series we saw how better his relation was with the other character on the set or the drama and he is Mickey. We all know that he played a role of gay in the series but in real life he dated women in his past time.

Cameron Explained in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2011 that “He’s the anti-stereotype. He never does anything that’s stereotypically perceived as ‘gay.’ He’s tough, he’s street smart, and he’s pretty much unlike any gay teenager on television right now,”.

And after this he also added in his statement that “I’m not gay myself, but it’s a role I’m very happy to play. I’m always happy to support the gay community. Ian’s a really fantastic part. A non-stereotypical part. And I think a lot of teens — and a lot of gay teens, especially — will really relate to the role,” Cameron added.

He started his career at the age of 3 years old but actually worked as an actor when he turned 7 and before moving to the Shameless series he also worked on the dramas like Gotham, Mercy Street and the Giver.

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Some of the short shows in which he appeared are The Wishing Stone, The Music Man and on Malcolm in the Middle.

In 2019 he was heard that he tooks breakup from Peyton who is the ex-girlfriend of Cameron.

Is Ian Gallagher Gay In Real Life

It simply means he is dating women in real life. Along with Peyton he also dated other actresses like Sadie Newman, Ruby Modine who is her co-star on Shameless and he dated others also but on different times.

Cameron is the type of actor who rarely shares details of his personal life on the internet. It was also assumed by the fans of Cameron that after Peyton he might be with Lauren Searle and dating her.


It is clear that Cameron is not gay in real life and currently he is dating Lauren Searle in 2021 after announcing his breakup with Peyton. If you want to know more about other celebrities then you can bookmark where you can find top news related to celebrities, dramas and even latest news which are currently happening around the world.


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