Is Dorothy and Ari Still Together?

Is Dorothy and Ari Still Together

Bling Empire, the binge-worthy Netflix series, has returned with a brand-new season with more drama. The reality show has been operating successfully since 2021, and its third season has just concluded.

However, many viewers are still immensely inquisitive about Dorothy‘s romantic relationships. If you, too, are fascinated by Dorothy’s dating life, then you have come to the correct place.

Who is Dorothy?

Is Dorothy and Ari Still Together

Dorothy Wang is a reality star from the Netflix show Bling Empire. She is also Roger Wang’s daughter and a multi-millionaire. Before her appearance on the program, she was selected for two other reality shows. On January 27, 1988, Dorthy Wang was born. She calls Los Angeles home.

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Her father appeared to have accumulated a substantial amount of wealth over the years by acting as a real estate agent. In addition to the Fabuluxe jewelry line, she also owns the champagne company Rich and Bubbly. Dorothy Wang has a thriving career as a professional television personality, socialite, and actor.

Are Dorothy and Ari Still Together?

In all honesty, Dorothy and Ari‘s current condition is quite unclear, especially given that filming for the first season of ‘Bling Empire: New York’ concluded around March/April 2022. Not only has Dorothy not published a single photo of them together since then (or ever), but there have also been no direct social media conversations between them, as far as we can discover.

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However, attorney Ari‘s Instagram profile is currently set to private, but we were able to determine that while she does not follow him, he still follows her.

So, considering everything they’ve been through and the fact that we’re hopeless romantics until Dorothy or Ari declare otherwise, we’ll continue to think that her efforts to prevent him from accessing her online account were intentional to prevent spoilers for the show. That is to say, we believe Dorothy and Ari are still together.

The Bling Empire Journeys of Dorothy and Ari

Is Dorothy and Ari Still Together

In contrast to Dorothy, who moved to New York from her native California in late 2021 or early 2022, Ari is a first-generation orthodox Greek-American from Queens, The Empire State. However, they met for the first time in the Bahamas, where one was on a Girls + Blake Abbie trip and the other was celebrating his mother’s birthday.

In addition, although she was the one who casually approached him and a buddy in a pub, she did so for her best friend Tina Leung, and not herself; she was not even thinking along those lines.

Things changed, however, when Tina became overwhelmed and retreated; Dorothy and Ari exchanged phone numbers, which led to texts, phone calls, and a second meeting. Again, they found a bar, but this time it was much less social, and Ari asked her directly whether she had altered her return tickets because he wanted her to spend another day with him. After a few beers, a make-out session, and a great deal of laughter, he got precisely what he wanted, with Dorthy shocking even herself by opening up to/trusting guys so quickly.

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Still, the best thing about Dorothy and Ari‘s relationship was that neither of them thought it was just a vacation fling when they got back to New York. They both felt there was more to it. So, it’s not surprising that they kept talking and hanging out, introduced each other to their friends, and got closer as the days went by while still joking around.

In terms of their jobs and lifestyles, they couldn’t be more different, but they just seemed to get along and were able to keep going in a good direction thanks to their steady energies.

Still, there were a few small problems. Dorothy was worried about their different cultures, since she is not at all Greek Orthodox, and she and Ari refused to have the status talk. “We can’t get enough of each other,” the well-known person said.

“He has called me 17 times today, but neither of us wants to admit it. Because we have trouble making commitments, we talk about everything but our relationships. But there were also some serious things that no one ever questioned, like how much they loved, cared about, and respected each other.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What’s Dorothy Wang’s Age?

Dorothy Wang was born on January 27, 1988, making her 35 years old.

Is Dorothy Wang Married?

No, Dorothy Wang noise t married.

Who is Dorothy Wang’s Brother or Sister?

Dorothy Wang’s sister is Janice Wang.