Are Colleen and Matt from ‘Love Is Blind’ Still Together? Know Full Information

Is Colleen and Matt Still Together

Though they didn’t have a picnic in the pods, Love Is Blind co-stars Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton got engaged in the third season. Learn whether or not the pair stays together (or if one of them spits) by reading on!

Who is Colleen?

Her Full name is Colleen Reed. Colleen is a 27-year-old lady. She is from Dallas, Texas, and Originally from Easton Pennsylvania. She was part of Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3. She used worked as Senior Digital PR Strategist at Fractl before Love is Blind Season 3 an advertising agency. Dancer with Ballet North Texas.

Is Colleen and Matt Still Together

Colleen graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in public relations and a bachelor of fine arts in ballet performance conferred by the University of Oklahoma in 2018.
She was an Alpha Phi sorority member.

Who is Matt?

His Full name is Matt Bolton. Matt is 29 years old. He is also from Dallas, Texas.

He is working as a Private Charter Sales Executive for Leviate Air Group. Matt served as the vice president of LFC Industries, a Texas-based aerospace manufacturing company.
Matt was previously married to his high school sweetheart for his entire adult life until their divorce at age 24 due to infidelity.

What Happens During Season 3?

Colleen dates widely and experiences several heartbreaks before she finally finds true love. She has a touching conversation with Matt Bolton in the pods early on about how difficult it is for her to show emotion. Matt says he was married for 18 years, from the time he was 18 until he was 24. Despite the arguing Colleen has to put up with in the pilot and the first few episodes, they share a sweet romance.

Is Colleen and Matt Still Together

Matt says in a confessional just before the big meet-up, “I’ve waited for this connection and for someone to draw me out of my shell.” As events unfold, Colleen receives a large rock from Matt, and the two eventually fall in love (still through the wall).
And after being engaged, they like what they see, since they sprint and jump to see each other like contestants on The Bachelorette.

Did Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton Split?

Colleen and Matt remained a couple for all of season 3, and even after the show ended. Not that there weren’t challenges for them to overcome.

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At the beginning of their third season together, the couple had a significant argument. Colleen fell in love with Cole Barnett in the pods, but he ended things with her before proposing to Zanab Jaffrey. Brennon Lemieux and Alexa Alfia bonded with her, but the two eventually left the pods engaged.

Colleen did end up with Matt, though, and the two became engaged alongside SK Alagbada and Raven Ross and Nancy Rodriguez, and Bartise Bowden in Season 3.

After a passionate conversation by the pool, Colleen and Cole got into trouble with their respective partners. The realtor revealed his true feelings for Colleen by telling the dancer that Zanab was not “physically” his “type.” The PR expert freely stated that, had they met in a pub, she would have initiated a conversation with Cole.

Is Colleen and Matt Still Together

Colleen added that the group had “gone far over it” since the event and that she wasn’t trying to make light of Cole’s words, despite the editing that gave that impression.

She elaborated, “I know now how being too kind may be improper, and I’ve immensely apologized to Zanab and Matt.” And that experience taught me a great deal. I regret that it was at Zanab and Matt’s expense to this day.

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Matt claimed that Colleen’s “trust factor” had “skyrocketed” after the event.

Are Love Is Blind’s Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton Married?

After being married, Matt and Colleen’s sales professional husband gushed, “Right now, we’re as fantastic as it’s ever been.”

Do Colleen and Matt from ‘Love Is Blind’ Live Together Now?

Colleen and Matt, from Season 3, are among the show’s many success stories. They shared the news that they were still very much in love with each other at the Season 3 reunion with Nick and Vanessa Lachey. However, when news spread that they weren’t cohabitating, people were taken aback.

In a video posted on Instagram as part of a Q&A session in November 2022, Colleen said that she and Matt weren’t living together at the time but had plans to do so in May 2023.


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Colleen had previously stated that, before joining the cast of Love Is Blind in 2021, she had signed a lease with a couple of roommates.

Colleen revealed in an Instagram video posted on November 2022 that she and Matt were forced to live apart due to leasing issues and that they made the decision to do so to “slow things down” now that the cameras had been turned off.

Colleen and Matt have both said they would give up their independence if it meant keeping their love together. They hope to settle down as a married couple and buy a house shortly.

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“We wanted to not mess things up and leap right into communal areas,” she said in the Instagram video. We aim to close on a house in the spring of 2019 and begin our new life there then.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Colleen and Matt Still Married?

Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed are still together! They were the second couple to say “I do” at the altar after meeting in their pods, and their romance began with a few obstacles.

What is Matt From Love Blind Age?

Age has not been a topic of conversation between ballet ballerina Colleen and charter sales executive Matt. They are only two years apart in age, with Matt being 28 and Colleen being 26.

In Which Episode Do Matt and Colleen Reconcile?

In “Story Four: Matt’s Choice,” Jen arranges a blind bowling date between Matt and her coworker Dougie. Matt and Colleen eventually reunite.

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