Are Johnny and Avery From the Real World Still Together?

Is Avery and Johnny Still Together

“The Real Word” is a reality show in which seven strangers live in the public glare as we listen in on their interpersonal interactions. Avery Tressler and Johnny Reilly quickly became one of the most popular couples on ‘The Real World: Portland’ during its twenty-ninth season.

They impressed everyone with their chemistry, and the audience was rooting for them to last. However, the show premiered in 2013, and much may change in the course of a relationship in 13 years.

The Unbelievable True Story of Johnny and Avery’s Adventure in “The Real World”

Is Avery and Johnny Still Together
Are Avery and Johnny Still Together

Johnny was a rising star on the hockey rink, but limited employment prospects led him to pursue a career as a physical therapist to help other players. Before entering the “Real World,” Avery worked as a waitress at The Hooters.

In the pilot episode, the group is out having a good time at a bar when suddenly a random man begins flirting with Avery. When the man tried to continue, Johnny stepped in and put a stop to it.

They began to dance together and then they kissed. After only a few days together on the show, they were already completely smitten with each other and at ease with their on-screen romance.

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After Avery realized that Johnny wasn’t interested in her for no other reason than her body, it was said that the two finally had some passionate makeout time on the night of the second episode. It has been alleged that they also had an intimate encounter in the ladies’ room of a nearby pizzeria (episode 3).

There were sweet moments and minor arguments, but Johnny’s trust issues kept getting out of hand. It was, however, when they shared an enemy in Nia that things started to heat up.

The three have engaged in vicious physical battles on television. Nia tried to assault her lover with a blow dryer, but Avery stole her wig, and Johnny was scared to strike her back. Another time Johnny defended his fiancée when Nia made fun of the size of his genitalia. This irritated Nia so much that he took off his pants and continued to dispute.

Is the pair still together in the “real world” after all the melodrama and fights they had on the show?

Are Johnny and Avery Still in a Relationship?

Unfortunately, the couple separated one year later. “The Real World” Contestant Avery relocated to Boston with her lover once the current era ended (now ex). They were a dream pair for a time until it turned into a nightmare. Johnny accused Avery of deceiving her, but it was too late for her to refute his charges.

He ended his relationship with her two days earlier than beginning a new reality show titled “Free Agents.” Avery announced their breakup via Twitter with the message, “I need a beer. #singlegirlproblems.”

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Avery was then informed that Johnny had a relationship with another reality television personality, Nany Gonzalez. According to her, Johnny did not apologize or provide her with the closure she required, and he lacked regard for her as a person.

The two appeared on a specific reality show titledThe Challenge: Battle Of The Exes II’ In an after-the-fact interview, when asked about the events that led to their breakup, Avery gave a particularly diplomatic response, stating, “I just think that the love was just gone, and it got to a point where we didn’t trust each other, and we stopped communicating, and it was basically just roommates living together, and we wouldn’t even spend time together or go on dates, anything couples do, we just didn’t do.” She did not contribute anything to the false reports or the hookup.

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At the same moment, Leroy (Johnny’s best buddy) was against Avery and was certain that she had cheated on him. They’ve been paired for ‘The Challenge: Rivals III’ to add some drama to the gathering. However, despite the addition of Johnny, he was paired with Jessica McCain.

Avery is currently unmarried and achieving success in her work. She represented the state of Arizona in The Hooters annual pageant and is well-established in the modeling industry. On September 11, 2020, however, Johnny married the love of his life. On August 12, 2021, he and his partner, Kim Reilly, had a sweet young lady named Hayden. He is living the life of a happy, complete family guy out of the public’s view.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Avery and Johnny Still in a Relationship?

She relocated to Boston with Johnny after her time on the show, but their relationship terminated due to her claimed infidelity. Averey debuted alongside him on The Challenge for Battle of the Exes 2 and returned shortly for 2016’s Rivals 3, but was unable to compete due to injuries.

What Became Averey and Johnny in the Actual World?

Even though Averey denied misconduct, John before the relationship two days with before his departure to compete with Free Agents during the previous season.

What Nationality Does Avery Contest?

She has Mexican, Native American, and European ancestry and is proud of her Hooters employment. She loves to concentrate on other areas of her appearance rather than cosmetics and jewelry alone. During her stay, Averey and Johnny start a romantic bond.