iOS 16 Wallpapers: List of Mostly Used Wallpapers

iOS 16 Wallpapers

iOS 16 is out now, and it has a lot of new features. But one thing that caught my eye was the depth effect on the Lock Screen wallpapers.

So, what is the effect of depth on iOS 16 Lock Screen wallpapers? It is a feature that can find the subject in an image, separate it from the background, and sometimes move it ahead of the clock. Or, to put it more simply, it gives your Lock Screen wallpaper a 3D look and gives you an experience you’ve never had before.

So, here are some cool wallpapers for the Lock Screen of your iPhone that can be used with the Depth Effect. So let’s get started!

Turn on Depth Effect for Your iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper

Make sure the Depth Effect is turned on before you move on. Here’s how to find out:

  • Use Touch ID or Face ID to open your iPhone.
  • Make sure that you don’t leave the Lock Screen.
  • Tap Customize.
  • Tap the three dots in the lower right corner.
  • Make sure the box next to Depth Effect is checked.

Even if you turn on the Depth Effect, it might not work on all pictures because iOS 16 still needs some work. If the Depth Effect doesn’t work on your iPhone’s Lock Screen, check out this article.

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Baby Joker Wallpaper With a Depth Effect

iOS 16 Wallpapers

Even if you’ve never seen a Batman movie or TV show or read a Batman comic, I’m sure you’ll know who Joker is. Many people have always chosen this character to dress up as.

In this wallpaper, a baby is dressed up as the Joker. It’s awesome and cool at the same time. So get it right away!

Cute Dog Background for the Lock Screen of iOS 16

iOS 16 Wallpapers

I love dogs a lot, so if you do too, we’re already friends. And when you combine the cuteness of the dog with the depth effect in iOS 16, you get the cutest Lock Screen.

Proposing Dog Wallpaper

iOS 16 Wallpapers

Dogs are one of the cutest things, but what if it also has a flower? Then your iPhone has one of the cutest Lock Screen backgrounds for iOS 16!

Cool Zombie Wallpaper

iOS 16 Wallpapers

I’m always excited about things that have to do with zombies (except for an actual Zombie outbreak). Be it games, movies, series, or even wallpaper. But zombies don’t always have to be scary. It’s cool to see their weird side. With this wallpaper, you can put a cool zombie on the Lock Screen of your iPhone.

Red Hood HD Wallpaper With Depth Effect

People may not know who Red Hood is, but those who do will know how cool he is. When it comes to this character, everything is badass. No matter where he came from or how he moves.

If you like this character, this wallpaper is a great way to show it.

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Abstract Flower Wallpaper

I think the wallpaper you put on your Lock Screen should match the beauty of your iPhone. And what other way is there to show beauty than with flowers? If you like both abstract wallpapers and flowers, then this is the best of both worlds.