Into The Badlands Season 4: Canceled By ABC! Why?


After the martial drama on ABC was canceled after three seasons, fans are devastated. However, they are still holding out hope that it will return for a fourth season.

After learning that AMC’s martial arts season would conclude after season three, many fans were disappointed. Despite the fact that cancellations are a reality on television, fans continue to believe that they might see their favorite show on another network.

Even if one were to assume that there has been such a push, it is difficult to assess the show’s current status. The show appears to be a diehard one, and its fan base remains optimistic for a fourth season.

Also, it’s conceivable that a network with a stronger interest in keeping the series going will be able to do so. The final chapters of the narrative deal with the pilgrim’s quest to dominate Badlands.

The program has already resolved a number of narratives and mysteries, including Sunny’s sister’s disappearance, the Widow’s conflict with Baron Chau, Azra’s reality, and Sunny’s history. This article covers all you need to know about the program.

Is It Possible That Into the Badlands Will Only Have Three Seasons?

Yes, the program will conclude after the third season, which aired from June 2018 until it concluded in June. After three seasons, AMC announced that Into The Badlands would be canceled in February 2019.

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Would You Want to See the Show Continue on a Different Platform?

The series will conclude after season 3, but there is still a chance that it may be revived. It seems highly unlikely that FX would resurrect a long-running series from the 1990s, given how many revivals have happened on broadcast networks. After all, this isn’t the first time for another network to bring back a long-running program from the 1990s, as Netflix has done with Full House.

A dedicated audience is required for a second chance in the world of television, and that appears to be something Into the Badlands has in abundance. The hashtag #SaveTheBadlands has been tweeted thousands of times, and by the support of the fans, the series has drawn the attention of the cast and crew, with some tweets being retweeted by members of the cast.

While it’s reasonable to suggest that the show will be canceled because of its poor ratings, AMC’s interest in the program began to wane significantly following the first season.

Is a Comic Sequel in the Works for Into The Badlands?

AMC released three digital comics for Into the Badlands during the first season, and it suggests that the series may continue in comic book form. According to Alfred Gough, the series’ co-creator, producers have spoken with AMC about keeping the program alive in another way and it is very feasible that it will continue in the form of comic books or even an animated series.

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When Will We Have Any New Information Regarding Into the Badlands?

When a new season of the program is commissioned, which will presumably be by another network, it might take some time to hear anything official. At the very least, it will be a few months before Into the Badlands returns. Of course, there’s no cause to think that it will return right now, but at the very least it is a possibility for some time.


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