Surprising Information About the John Wick Franchise!


The John Wick franchise is a beloved favorite among fans, so let’s look at some interesting facts about the film.

With the third film in the John Wick franchise on its way to the big screen after a long wait, the anticipated sequel to 2017’s critically acclaimed actioner ‘John Wick- Chapter 2’ will build upon the intriguing comic-book-style world introduced in the original.

Warner Bros. has placed Keanu Reeves in the lead role in John Wick 3, an action film that is expected to commence filming this spring.

A third installment in the series will see the title character return as a former assassin who can’t escape his violent past. It’s a refreshing action movie that downplays digital effects while including lots of kick-ass action and subversive humor.

It’s violent, beautiful, and new, combining various traditional action film concepts to create a successful movie series. Here are 10 John Wick facts that you might not have known.

A Man in His 60s Was the Initial Protagonist of the Story.

An actor in his 60s was supposed to be the main character. Given the character’s legendary reputation, the producers felt that an older actor would be appropriate.

Basil Iwanyk, the head of Thunder Road Pictures, decided instead to seek someone who was not as old but had prior film industry experience.

What Does the Tattoo on Your Back Represent?

We see Reeves in the shower with a huge tattoo on his back before he became a hurt spouse of an enraged assassin who was dragged back into the world he wanted to avoid. At the top, ‘Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat’ is inscribed in large, bold letters.

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It means, “fortune favors the brave.” The phrase “O’ahu” is derived from the Marine Corps motto, which was the motto for the Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii-based Third Battalion. Before his time as a mob assassin, it suggests Wick’s military career.

On His Own, Keanu Reeves Completed the Majority of His Stunts.

He managed to complete the majority of the action sequences on his own, without the assistance of a stunt double. But his skill didn’t stop there. He also excelled in the combat scenes.

He also drove a lot, from the moment he blew automobile steam at a secret airport to when he dropped off his children at school. In a 2014 Indiewire interview, he stated, ‘When I’m doing it, it isn’t a stunt.

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Stuntmen perform stunts… I get to act out some action. I engage in some activities, but they are not stunts. ‘I’m a tomboy and I like sports, especially football,’ says Anna. ‘I flip guys over and they get flipped and we run and jump and play.’

On the Day of the Fight Sequence, Reeves Also Studied and Memorized It.

While he was shooting the club sequence, Reeves was operating a 104-degree fever. He learned all of his fighting skills on his own and only required a slight stunt double.

Depending on the Combat Scenario, He Employed Various Forms of Shooting Style.

For close-quarter fighting, he employs a Center Axis Relock stance and transforms into Weaver and Isosceles postures for long-range shooting.

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Reeves Studied Judo, Japanese Ju-Jitsu, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Advance for the Film.

During the making of this movie, he had to complete a physically demanding task. The actor completed 90% of his own stunts, which is remarkable given that he was sick while filming.

The actor was so focused on capturing his action sequences correctly that he memorized the entire club film sequence on the day it was shot.

Andy the Beagle

Andy is the name of John Wick’s dog in the film. When filming began, the dog was eight weeks old.

John Wick Employed Veterans of the Matrix Trilogy.

The reunion of Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne, his Matrix co-star, was one of the most thrilling aspects of John Wick Chapter 2.

The original John Wick also included a number of Matrix veterans, including Daniel Bernhardt and both the film’s directors, who got their big break as stunt coordinators on The Matrix trilogy.

Payday 2: John Wick Franchise

John Wick was transformed into a downloadable game character in Payday 2 two days before his cinematic debut.

The game was based on a promotional collaboration between Lionsgate Films and Overkill Software, which involved Wick in a robbery gang in Washington, D.C. who target banks, perform drug trafficking, and even rig an election and smuggle nuclear weapons.

It was an astute move in terms of promoting the film, and as we all know, it went on to become a massive franchise.


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