Insidious Chapter 5: Is There An Insidious 5 Coming Out?

Insidious Chapter 5

Insidious 5 will be released in October 2020, and Patrick Wilson will be directing the horror sequel for the first time. After the fourth film, Insidious: The Last Key, garnered the worst reviews of the series yet, a fifth Insidious film may come as a surprise to some.

Insidious Chapter 5

However, at $168 million at the worldwide box office, that film was also the highest-grossing in the series. That may not seem like much, but the fourth film was said to have cost only $10 million to make.

The series has generated over $540 million worldwide on a projected budget of just over $25 million, so a fifth installment felt inescapable.

After two prequel films, the franchise is finally returning to its roots with Insidious 5, which will reintroduce the Lambert family after their uncanny adventures in the first two films.

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Insidious 5 Release Date: When Can We Expect the 5th Installment of the Insidious Franchise?

According to Jason Blum, during the film’s introduction at BlumFest in October 2020, it was announced that the fifth film would be released “sometime in 2022.” The producer didn’t go any further than that, and we haven’t heard anything else since.

The previous four films were released in April, September, June, and January, respectively, and therefore do not indicate a certain time of year. Perhaps they’ll shoot for a Halloween release in 2022, giving them some leeway in terms of filming the sequel this year.

Insidious 5 Casts: Who’s Returning for the Sequel?

So far, Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert and Ty Simpkins as his son Dalton Lambert are the only confirmed cast members for the fifth film.

Lin Shaye has been an ever-present in the series as Elise Rainier, despite her death in the first film, so we’d anticipate her to return as Elise’s ghost, along with Leigh Whannell and Angus Sampson as Elise’s companion’s Specs and Tucker.

Insidious Chapter 5

Shaye had expressed interest in returning before the announcement of Insidious 5 in September 2020. “I’m fine with whatever,” she said. “If we return, I’ll be in The Further this time, so that will be different.”

“As a character and in the storyline, it was a really beautiful path for me to discover… It’s now etched in my mind, and I’d be thrilled if there was another.”

It’s unclear whether Rose Byrne will reprise her role as Renai Lambert or Barbara Hershey will reprise her role as Josh’s mother Lorraine, both of whom last appeared in the franchise in Insidious: Chapter 2. (Insidious: The Last Key uses video from the pair from the archives.)

Behind the scenes, Halloween Kills writer Scott Teems penned the script, which is based on a narrative by franchise co-creator Leigh Whannell, while Patrick Wilson, as previously said, makes his directorial debut.

What Will the Plot of Insidious 5 Be About?

The plot of the fifth film is currently unknown, however, we do know that it will take place ten years after the events of Chapter 2 when Dalton attends college.

Wilson gave some insights about what we may expect and how the fifth film links to the events of the first two films while discussing why he opted to make Insidious 5 his directorial debut.


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 “Especially when you think about the mythos of Insidious and this family, mainly me and Tye, [with] our characters being hypnotized, what does it do to a family after 10 years?” he explained.

“What does it do to watch Dalton go to college?” Observing a young man embarking on his college journey, with all of the new experiences and feelings of being an outsider attempting to fit in. He possesses the potential to be an astral projector and traveler, which he is completely unaware of.

“Are we still hypnotized after all this time?” Is the trance still present? What effect does this have on your life? What effect does this have on your relationship? What effect does this have on a father-son relationship?”

In case you needed reminding, the end of Chapter 2 saw Josh and Dalton allowing themselves to have their memories suppressed again so they’d forget all about The Further and all the demons it holds, including the Bride in Black and Lipstick-Face Demon.

Trailer of Chapter 5 of Insidious


For the time being, that’s all we know about Insidious 5, but we’ll keep you updated as we discover more about the next installment in the terrifying saga.

The first and third Insidious films are presently available on Netflix, while Insidious 2 and 4 are available on Amazon Prime Video for a price.

When does insidious 5 take place?

Insidious 5 will take place 10 years after the events of Insidious: Chapter 2. Dalton has left home for college, and the storyline will reportedly explore the “consequences” of decisions made by the Lambert family, according to the star and director, Patrick Wilson. Q.V. Hough is a senior writer at Screen Rant.
Is ‘insidious’ worth watching?
While the Insidious brand of campy and spooky is not everyone’s very specific cup of tea, I personally cannot get enough of the gothic house of horrors this series has served up outing after outing. The way it also quickly became a Lin Shaye vehicle guaranteed my interest, even if the quality has slouched slightly over the years.


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