Inside Legendary Commodity Derivative Trader Luiz Costa Macambira


Traders have been speculating on major market movements since the early 19th century. Discover one of the world’s most inspiring traders, and how his story can help you becoming a successful trader.

Luiz Costa Macambira embodied the power of bold disruption in the trading world. The Monegasque businessman preached his gospel of coffee as the true haven in the  Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) emerging markets to local traders convincing them to jump on the bandwagon of the coveted beverage . Some of the speculators helping Costa Macambira included some of the world’s biggest coffee traders and investors.

A visionary  figure in both derivative trading and media , Luiz F Costa Macambira , a serial Brazilian-Monegasque entrepreneur, like many legendary businessmen is one of a kind. With a brilliant mind, inspiring energy and relentless optimism, Costa Macambira built a business empire through commodities trading where his strategy was to give emphasis  on  soft commodities, namely coffee, by establishing very close alliances with the world’s most powerful suppliers of the commodity.  Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world ( after oil )  and plays an integral role in the world economy.

Beginning in the early 1990s, Costa Macambira and his Russian business partners started marketing several coffee brands in Russia. By 1993, they broke up the cartel of the major companies who controlled the coffee business, nearly cornering the Russian coffee market—a major feat given the nature of the politics and economics at play during those years.

The commodity is typically commercialized by multinational corporations but Costa Macambira figured out that it could be traded with less capital if backed by  sophisticated growers’ financial schemes. Coffee growers and exporters  were often unprepared to deal with less traditional markets and complex deal structures, which is where Costa Macambira came in. He provided coffee producers and exporters with key services such as direct access to the retail market in several emerging markets, logistical solutions and above all financing. He repeated the formula across a range of other soft commodities.

Nicknamed ‘The King of Coffee’ by his business associates, Costa Macambira expanded the spot market for coffee in the early 1990s by disrupting business away from giant multinational companies that relied on conventional methods for sales.

He went where others wouldn’t dare to go.

Although his successful market penetration and trading know-how were a major accomplishment, his most visible legacy came decades later after he retired from trading and made the switch from trading to enjoying the high life in Monaco. In the tiny Principality, the larger-than-life entrepreneur on May 2018 placed his name on the masthead of the Monaco edition of the Forbes Magazine as “Proprietor” for the first time, bringing the iconic media company to Monaco , and marking the beginning of his successful publishing history, and making in the process, his company one of the fastest-growing European media publishing companies.

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