Indonesia’s Srivijaya flight loses contact after departure from Jakarta

Srivijaya flight SJO 182 from Jakarta to Pontianak lost contact at 2:40 pm Western Indonesian time (2:40 am) on Saturday, according to the state-run Andara News Agency.

In a statement, Srivijaya Air said it had “contacted various concerned parties” regarding the incident and would “immediately issue an official statement” when more information becomes clear.

Andara reported that SJO 182 lost contact while ascending 13,000 feet at an altitude of 11,000 feet, 11 nautical miles north of Jakarta’s Sokarno-Hatta International Airport.

Indonesia’s search and rescue company Bazarnas has sent a chain of islands north of the coast of Jakarta – sending a ship to thousands of islands – to verify where the plane is suspected to have lost contact, Kahayono said.

The Ministry of Transport said it was investigating and coordinating with Bazarnas and the National Committee for Transport Safety.

The aircraft registered by PKCLC is a Boeing 737-500.

A Boeing spokesman told CNN that “they are aware of media reports from Jakarta and are closely monitoring the situation.”

“We are working to gather more information,” they said.

This is a growing story … yet to come

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