In Trump and Biden, reality and imagination collide in gratitude

That similarity Joe Biden elected President Called in a speech on Wednesday, it feels like a distant dream compared to affairs in Washington, where Trump digs deep into his bunker. The president is simultaneously denying his election defeat It motivates believers to fight it. The federal government and Congress are effectively AWOL, which is making millions of Americans defend themselves in the midst of a medical and economic catastrophe.

In this strange interval between Biden’s victory and Trump’s ouster, the lame-duck president and the incoming one have taken remarkably, surprisingly different paths.

Trump is wrapped up in the axis of his illusory attempt to reclaim a presidency that is retreating from his grasp every day. He goes between faults and pipe dreams without any thought of destruction in his path. Biden, as he operates in the world, is making the wait in government very tough. Within two days of allowing a Trump-nominee to begin formal transformation, Biden’s team began examining the rusty nuts and bolts of the complex companies he inherited.

Biden’s reality and Trump’s fantasies collided on Thanksgiving Day.

First came the news Weekly unemployment demands rose to 778,000 – Three times higher than their pre-infection average. Trump, meanwhile, has only stopped plans to attend a Charlotte circus Voter fraud “heard” by Pennsylvania Republicans After his lawyer Rudy Giuliani was exposed in Gettysburg – again – to someone who tested positive for the corona virus. Giuliani turned around anyway, and Trump called, his voices audible through a speakerphone pressed up into the microphone.
The president attacked the courts, which dismissed his absurd claims, Democrats, with even more blatant absurd lies, calling it harder to tell anyone to overturn the election results. A few hours later, he Faithful apologized to Michael Flynn, His briefly-held National Security Adviser, who pleaded guilty in 2017 to lying to the FBI about conversations with the then ambassador to Russia.

Later, two sources told CNN that Trump had invited Pennsylvania Republicans to the White House for a West Wing meeting. The president hoped a reprint of a contest the president sought with two leading Michigan GOP state lawmakers who visited Washington last week would provide more fuel for unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud. But he did not receive anything, and Republicans soon issued a statement confirming the truth – “they do not yet know of any information that could change the outcome of the election in Michigan.”

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In Delaware, about 120 miles from the Gettysburg chaos and several mental galaxies, Biden issued a sober call with caution Facing and resolving spiral crises.

“I know the country’s growing fight. But we have to remember, we are fighting the virus, not each other. Not each other,” Biden said. “This is the moment when we need to steel our backs, redouble our efforts and reconsider ourselves for the fight.”

As he did during the campaign, Biden expressed his own grief – when he lost his first wife and baby in 1972, and when his son died of brain cancer five years ago – in an attempt to appease grieving Americans.

“It’s so hard to notice,” Biden said of the breathtaking scene of an “empty chair” where a lover was sitting. “It’s hard to say thank you. It’s hard to even think about what to look forward to, very hard to believe. I understand. I will think and pray for each of you on this Thanksgiving show.”

The day before, fianc முதல்e First Lady Jill Biden was spotted unloading bags of groceries at a food bank on Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where Biden was spending the holidays. The small gesture underscores the vast challenges facing many, whose lives have been financially devastated by the epidemic, and they have turned to charities that are increasingly struggling to meet basic needs temporarily.

And Kamala Harris, who was elected vice president Tweeted a one-time article describing the crisis, Notes: “Food banks across our country are struggling to sustain demand because of Govt-19. When Joey and I are at the White House, know that we will fight food insecurity and face this crisis.”

“No one in America should be hungry,” he added.

A Washington Post Census of Census Data It found that food insecurity had been growing at a terrifying pace since late October to early November. One in 8 Americans said they had gone without enough to eat in the previous week, rising to 1 in 6 households with children.

Kelly O’Connell, CEO of Lakeview Pantry in Chicago, described the tragic scenes as families of severely affected people come to the rescue, many for the first time.

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Describing a family of four who settled their savings, O’Connell spoke with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin about the feeling of humiliation.

“They came to us to put this Thanksgiving day at their table,” he said. “One of the parents stayed in the car because they were a little shy about how they got the food. And, it’s so hard.”

Growing lines outside food banks have become a bitter sign of this bad season.

Congress still stalled on the relief package

The fate of the trigger seems to be darker as lawmakers focus on spending time

On the horizon: more pain. It is estimated that 12 million people will lose the extended unemployment benefits provided by the federal relief package passed in March. The prospects for a second round of federal stimulus in the future look bleak. There is a government funding deadline of a few weeks, which will allow lawmakers to budget some new assistance. But the pro-democracy House stimulus was first passed in May and then renewed in early October.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to accept it, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has so far refused to consider the small, fragmented law. This stalemate has worsened American workers and pushed entire businesses to the brink.

The absence of a central, organizing body in the White House has also begun to raise concerns about procedures for distributing corona virus vaccines. In the wake of this spring’s turmoil, while local leaders were left bidding on each other for ventilators and personal protective equipment, Illinois ’top state health official said the federal government had already told itself the 400,000 initial demand could not be met.

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“We are still waiting to see the answers, we can understand why, but the initial allocation seems to be ready to go out – that number has dropped,” Dr Nkosi told CKN’s Nia-Malika Henderson. “So as a result, all states are going to get a small amount.”

Fighting the uprising

& # 39; Sad is tired. & # 39; Kovit’s financial stress is getting emotional

The Mayo Clinic, one of the nation’s most important health care providers, announced in Minnesota that it was bringing in workers from outside the state and asking retirees to return to work against the virus outbreak as the corona virus spreads at record rates in Washington.

As of 10 a.m. Wednesday, Johns Hopkins University reported 178,752 new cases and 2,207 deaths nationwide. This is the highest single-day count since May, following more than 2,100 Govt-19-related deaths on Tuesday. Public health professionals are concerned about the millions of people who travel on Thursdays to spend time with their families – indoors and out of safety.

“It could be the mother of all supremacist events,” Dr. Jonathan Rainer, a former White House medical team consultant, told CNN this week.

In the shadow of those threatening figures and bad warnings, The White House has issued a proclamation from the President “Service and Sacrifice” by “First Respondents, Medical Practitioners, Essential Workers, Neighbors and Countless Other Patriots”

He then encouraged dangerous behavior to everyone.

“In homes and places of worship, I encourage all Americans to come together to offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for our many blessings,” Trump said.

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