In securing the package, Biden says the United States needs reliable infrastructure

US President Joe Biden on Sunday stepped up the security of his trillion-dollar infrastructure investment package. The plan, which focuses on the use of clean and renewable energy, provides for $ 2.3 trillion in spending over the next few years, in addition to corporate tax increases.

“We need reliable and flexible infrastructure if we want to compete in the 21st century. We need an American employment program,” the agent wrote on Twitter.

Last week, Biden met with several Democratic and Republican MPs to discuss details of the package.

There is opposition to the plan to raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%, even among some politicians in the presidential party.

In March, Biden was able to send a $ 1.9 trillion tax package to Congress, with immediate benefits for people affected by the Govt-19 epidemic. With a narrow majority in the Senate, the Democrats had to use a budget device that allowed the speech to be approved by a simple majority, but it could not be used indefinitely.

During a speech to Congress in April, Biden also presented a $ 1.8 trillion social investment package focusing on education, just before the end of his 100-day term.

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