I May Destroy You launched on BBC One withinside the United Kingdom and drew large important acclaim on every elements of the Atlantic, being named NME‘s fine TV show of 2020 further to topping the list in numerous exclusive outlets.

This 2020 collection, which turned into created via way of means of Coel, follows her individual Arabella Essiedu as she attempts to rebuild her lifestyles after being raped.

Now, withinside the I May Destroy You finale, she has to determine a way to reply to this breakthrough. The show’s finale places her in her very very own Groundhog Day, biking via acquainted scenes up till the instant whilst she makes a decision a way to manage her attacker. Here’s how they performed out.

I May Destroy You: Ending

After recognizing David (Lewis Reeves) and his buddy Tariq (Chin Nyenwe), Bella takes Terry (Weruche Opia) and heads to the lavatories to give you a plan. Bella is agitated and distressed via way of means of this development, as though in spite of her insistence that the crook usually returns to the scene of the crime there has been a part of her that wasn’t in reality waiting for it to return back true. Ultimately, she declares, she desires to harm him – get her revenge on him for what he did to her. Terry is hesitant at the beginning however quickly concurs to an alliance. They name up their antique faculty buddy Theo (Harriet Webb) who now runs a collection for sufferers of sexual abuse and head returned as much as the bar to position their plan into action. David is on the bar and Bella processes him, however there’s now no longer even the trace that he recalls having met her earlier than. Terry distracts Tariq via way of means of dancing in the front of him and, after figuring out which pocket he’s retaining his tablets in, Theo does her exceptional pickpocketing at the same time as Bella pretends to drink the spiked G&T David’s simply given her. Shortly after, she begins off evolved to simulate intoxication and starts off evolved to totter closer to the lavatories.


As the trio expect, David follows, spying the possibility to ensnare his prey. Theo has already long past in advance and is lying in wait with a syringe complete of David’s personal tablets. Locked in a cubicle, David takes of Bella’s knickers and places them in his jacket then prepares to rape her. But simply as he’s unzipping his trousers, she places her head up, flawlessly lucid and sober. “A crook usually returns to the scene of the crime,” she told him. “But who’s the crook – you or me?” As he’s stood there looking to training session what’s going on, she offers Theo the command and all at once David’s been injected in his ankle, Theo’s arm darting below the cubicle partition.

A success revenge mission – or is it? Bella grows worried approximately the quantity of medicine David has been spiked with, thinking if he may die. No one is aware of what happened, though, so it is probably fine – except the police locate her undies in his jacket pocket and keep in mind it suspicious. So Bella, Theo and Terry comply with him to ensure he doesn’t come to be in sanatorium or police custody earlier than they are able to get Bella’s knickers returned. When the possibility offers itself to retrieve them, though, she can’t face up to getting only a little bit extra revenge. “I need to peer his penis,” she proclaims sternly, however as she’s getting an excellent appearance, he begins off evolved to return back to. Instead of letting him realize what’s happening, Bella grabs his balls earlier than punching him time and again withinside the face as Theo chokes him with Bella’s knickers. They maintain till his face is included in blood and he’s unconscious (or likely dead), Terry looking on in horror. Instead of leaving him in the road to be discovered and saved, Bella drags him returned to hers at the bus, looking to act ordinary after which shoves him wherein, she places the entirety she desires to neglect about approximately – below her bed.

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I May Destroy You: Ending explained

That’s actually up in your personal interpretation of the episode, however there are numerous methods to appearance it at. Throughout the series, Michaela Coel explored the complexities of consent and the numerous methods it could be exploited or ignored. The term “gray vicinity” is regularly thrown round in conversations approximately consent and the reality that the show’s finishing is its personal gray vicinity displays the problems that could stand up from our sexual relationships. Can Terry actually have consented to her threesome in Italy if the guys concerned lied to her approximately understanding every different? Would all of us do not forget sneakily starting off a condom withinside the center of consensual sex – aka stealthing – rape?


The finishing of I May Destroy You additionally factors to the reality that trauma isn’t simply smartly resolved after which forgotten approximately. Not one of the endings will result in closure for Bella that surely and quickly – attacking David may sense properly withinside the second and seeing him taken away through police may assist her sense like justice is being done, however withinside the lengthy run, she’ll nonetheless need to cope with what occurred to her and the intellectual and emotional toll a good way to tackle her. Lashing out, calling the cops, or even looking to apprehend wherein he became coming from or who he’s as someone are simply brief fixes at the lengthy direction of recovery. That Bella completed her e-book and efficaciously posted it herself with none retribution falling at David’s door is probably one of the least first-class endings cautioned withinside the finale, however it’s in all likelihood the maximum essential one.


Rape convictions have fallen withinside the UK, with simplest 2,343 prosecutions being made withinside the UK on rape costs among September 2018 and September 2019. For many those who are assaulted thru rape or different styles of sexual abuse, there isn’t a tidy finishing that permits them to transport on as their attacker receives punished. That Bella, Terry and Kwame (Paapa Essiedu) may want to all move directly to achieve success and glad from a finishing without a decision is an effective message to ship to different survivors – what occurred to you doesn’t outline you or your future.

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Will I May Destroy You return for second season?

Michaela Coel’s acclaimed that I May Destroy You will now no longer come back for a 2nd sequel, in line with HBO‘s Chief Content Officer, Casey Bloys.

However, Bloys has showed that there may be no collection planned, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “On I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel is considering what she desires to do subsequent. I don’t assume there’s going to be some other I May Destroy You, there’s no season coming. But she’s considering what she desires to do subsequent and with any luck we’ll be fortunate sufficient to be companion together along with her again.”

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