How to Transfer Money From Walmart Money Card to Cash App

How to Transfer Money From Walmart Money Card to Cash App

Walmart, formerly known as Wal-Mart shops, is a worldwide corporation specializing in the selling of goods and services.

Walmart now offers Walmart MoneyCard prepaid debit cards, which may be used to shop online and at any retail location that accepts MasterCard or Visa.

People who don’t want or can’t establish standard bank accounts now have a reliable prepaid debit card option thanks to the advent of the MoneyCard.

Furthermore, the Walmart MoneyCard eliminates overdraft fees by requiring no credit checks or existing bank accounts. We’ll show you how to transfer money from your Walmart Money Card to the Cash App in this article.

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Where Can I Acquire a Walmart Money Card?

How to Transfer Money From Walmart Money Card to Cash App

A Walmart MoneyCard is simple to obtain; simply purchase one at any Walmart location or online at the Walmart MoneyCard website, and your card will arrive in two weeks. To get a MoneyCard, you must be 18 years old or older, according to the USA Patriot Act.

A valid social security number and email or cellphone verification are required to access all account features. Before you can use your Walmart MoneyCard, you must first register it online and deposit money onto it.

The following is a list of the mandatory information you must provide: complete name, birthday, phone number, physical address, 3-digit security code, 16-digit card number, and expiration date Furthermore, the USA Patriot Act is a federal law that requires all financial institutions to gather, confirm, and keep information identifying anybody who opens a new account.

How Can I Link My Walmart Debit Card to the Cash App?

The Walmart Cash app does not accept its debit card, despite the fact that Walmart has one. Walmart is a huge retail chain that offers debit card services to its clients.

Prepaid services are associated with these debit cards. Users cannot add any company prepaid debit card to their Cash app accounts due to the Cash app’s incorporation. Both personal and business accounts are subject to this restriction.

How to Move Money from a Walmart Money Card to a Cash App

How to Transfer Money From Walmart Money Card to Cash App

Cash App has evolved to the point where you may now deposit money into your account in a variety of methods. It also allows you to top up your account at any Walmart shop by just visiting one and showing the money to the clerk along with your Cash app credentials.

You will not be charged a fee to top up your Cash App account if you are a Walmart member. However, you won’t be able to utilize your Walmart MoneyCard to make Cash App deposits in this scenario because Cash App doesn’t accept Walmart MoneyCard.

Debit cards from American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover can be used to fund your Cash App account. To fund your Cash App account at Walmart shops, follow these simple steps:

  1. Bring your Cash App card with you to any Walmart shop near you.
  2. Once inside, speak with a cashier at the Billing Center and tell them you want to deposit money into your Cash App.
  3. The cashier will then inquire about your cell phone number to see if you are a regular customer.
  4. The cashier will give you a discount on transaction fees if you are a repeat customer. If you are not a regular customer, though, you should expect to pay roughly $3.74 or less.
  5. It should be noted that transaction costs differ from one Walmart location to the next.
  6. Hand over the money to deposit and your Cash App card to the cashier once everything is validated and the transaction charge is paid.
  7. Your Cash App account will be topped up on the spot after the cashier inserts the Cash App card into the card reader.
  8. You can use the card to make purchases wherever you choose now that it has been loaded.

At any Walmart store, the procedure stated above is the sole way to put money into your Cash App account. You may also top up your Cash App account at other retail locations including Rite Aid, Walgreens, 7-Eleven, CVS, and others.


The Walmart MoneyCard provides its members with a variety of free services as well as other incredible benefits, particularly for regular Walmart consumers.

It also includes fraud protection, free cash withdrawals, direct funds deposits, free online bill payment, and other features found on Visa and MasterCard debit cards.

Because the Cash app does not support Walmart MoneyCard, please carefully follow the steps outlined in this guide to transfer money from Walmart Money Card to Cash App.