How to Start a Video Editing Business

How to Start a Video Editing Business

Is video editing your passion? Or maybe you know someone who could pay you to edit their wedding or documentary film. With many people looking for great audio and visual content to use for different purposes, the video editing business has become more lucrative than ever.

Currently, there are many resources that could help you sharpen your video editing prowess. Once you become an expert, you can use your skills and knowledge to earn a living and make a name for yourself in the industry.

From using a tool such as the Wix business name generator to create a unique and compelling name for your company to investing in high-quality video editing software, here are eight tips for starting a successful video editing business.

Get the Best Video Editing Training

Since video editing involves very specific skills and knowledge, it’s best to get some professional training. There are many free tutorials on YouTube, but many people find enrolling for paid online classes a much better investment.

Besides attending classes, consider finding a mentor in your niche. You’ll be able to get a solid foundation on a number of issues including color correction, audio mixing, and motion graphics.

Choose a Niche

When you first launch your business, you might be tempted to do everything from editing to lighting, camera work, and more. But unless you have an unlimited bank account and free time, this kind of diversification could be ultimately unsustainable.

It would be better to focus on offering what you’re best at. Once you know your perfect area, take note of new technologies in your field and keep learning to be more proficient.

Create a Name for Your Business

Coming up with a name can be tough, especially if you’re trying to create something that captures what your business is all about. There are so many things to consider, from keywords to domain availability. The good news is that there are plenty of online tools, like the Wix business name generator, you can use to create a brand name and check its availability.

Come Up with a Precise Business Plan

A business plan is like a road map for your video editing venture. Write down how you’re going to make money, the location of your business, your audience, and how you will grow your business.

If you don’t take time to think through all aspects of your video editing company, you’ll never be able to stay ahead of any problems that come up. Without proper planning, even minor issues can become major setbacks.

Invest in High-Quality Equipment

A high-quality camera and audio equipment are necessary to produce quality videos. While there’s no rule of thumb on how much you should spend on equipment, it’s wise to get your money’s worth.

Go for top-of-the-line tools that will last several years without being outdated by newer models in a few months. When shopping, remember that cost is not always an indicator of quality. Take time to research any equipment before you finally decide to acquire it.

Acquire a Video Editing Software

Video editing entirely relies on software. While there are certainly low-cost options available, they aren’t necessarily as good as their premium counterparts.

If you can swing it, investing in video editing software that includes licensing and additional functionality is recommended. Furthermore, there are different types of video editing software. So, know what you do before you narrow down to your most suitable option.

Before you fully acquire software, try using free trials. You can also read reviews from other customers to know if what you’re going for is the best for your skill level.

Build a Portfolio Website

If you don’t have any work to display, it can be difficult to impress potential clients. A video editing portfolio website shows off your skills, gives visitors an idea of what you can do, and makes it easy for them to contact you.

When making your portfolio website, don’t forget to include examples of your best work. It doesn’t matter whether it was a small project like an Instagram edit or a large commercial project. Moreover, make it easy for potential clients to browse through your work by organizing your site well.

Market Your Business

In the early stages of your business, it can be helpful to establish your online presence and market your services to potential clients. You can do this by creating a website or using social media.

Offer free trial edits, create branded social media accounts or upload your work to your website. When describing your work on online platforms, use keyword-rich content to optimize your business on search engines.


The world of online video has seen huge growth over the past few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This presents a plethora of opportunities for people who are interested in starting their own video editing business. If you’re planning to enter this field, these tips could help you stand out from the crowd.


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