How to Choose the Right Bet at Non GamStop Bookmakers?


This is perhaps the most complex question as if you were asking us to solve the squaring of the circle. In fact, we can say that our “bet like a pro” space is dedicated to this question. If you are asking yourself the question, you are on the right path. As is often the case when faced with an almost empirical question, it must be posted in the negative form. Once you know how not to choose a bet, you will have less way to go, less possibility and above all less chance of making mistakes. This article will compile the information that you can find in more detail in our online betting guide.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Bet

 Do not bet with emotion

This is something most bettors do. This is what makes online bookmakers profitable. This is what makes the headlines “he bet 20 euros on a 6-1 victory for Barca against PSG and he wins 10,000 euros.”

We are killjoys, piss-vinegars, cynics. To win on sports betting, you have to be cold and insensitive, even if it means refusing to play on your team, your player, or your nation. Betting with the heart is sure to lose money, even if the team is major and only loses a few games. Keep your passion to support your team and use cold reasons to bet online at non GamStop bookmakers.

 Avoid Very Low/ High Odds

When you see on the bookmakers’ sites that 20% of bettors have bet on odds of 1.20, you say to yourself that the educational work is still long. It must be said that some betting sites advise multiplying the small odds. In the long term, it would pay off. Mathematically, it is as reliable as the so-called butcher’s technique, the martingale.

To win big on odds of 1.20, you have to bet big, unless, of course, you think that GAFA finds the secrets of immortality and that from 20 cents to 20 cents, wealth will be made.

The problem is that even a rating of 1.20 is not safe. Take the PSG which is crushing the championship of France. Always bet on a PSG victory. A loss or a draw and you will lose what you have won. On the other hand, if the bettor always bets against PSG, in L1, he will lose 98% of his bets. Odds between 1.80 and 2.80 should be the basis of your bets. Occasionally, if the bettor has worked his subject well, he thinks that odds higher than 2.80 can reasonably pass, he can give it a shot.

Under no circumstances should you bet on high odds. Do not believe those who advise you. An excellent online bettor is around 60 – 70%; above is suspicious especially if it asks you to subscribe to its predictions!

Bet on the Sport You Know From Inside Out!

A bettor who wants to get started must really focus on a sport he knows well. Why? Because sports betting is a science in its own right that must be understood and experienced before hoping to make substantial gains. If in addition, you have to study a sport, it can be a lot and cost you in bankroll. Do not follow events and bet on the news. If you bet on Wimbledon, it would be necessary to have followed the tennis season and to know this sport.

Do not get carried away by the big movements, and even the bonuses and promotions of the bookmakers? We saw it with the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The success in the USA was resounding enough for bookmakers to offer a follow-up to the competition. The number of bettors who sent bets without knowing women’s football. A good bettor never gets carried away and prefers not to bet rather than going to follow the trend and bet on the guess.

 Bet According to Your Bankroll

The bankroll is your budget. It is, therefore, necessary to take into account the amount of this budget to set the number of your bets. A bet is a bit like poker. It must be proportionate to your budget at time X and your estimated chance of winning. You have to be careful and patient. If the bettor wants to try a high odds, he must compensate with a low bet. On the other hand, if the odds are normal and the bettor considers his chances to be high, his bet must be more generous.

Follow Your Strategy

An essential piece of advice: never try to bet to make up for your losses. This is probably the best way to crash. A bettor who tries to make up for his losses positions himself in a vicious circle and will increase his bets by making a mathematical calculation, but without taking into account his sports betting strategy. A strategy allows you to plan your bets, your bet level. It’s not a pleasure to organize, it’s a necessity so as not to get caught up in the emotion and swallowed up by the wave. Setbacks you will have. You must take good and bad luck with the same detachment. What matters is the end of the season. Will you be positive or negative? Obviously, if you see that your strategy is leading you into a wall!