How to Bet on Sports in Oregon Without Breaking Any Laws


Even though Oregon was one of the first states to be excluded from PASPA, legalized sports wagering in the state prior to 2019 remained almost nonexistent. State politicians, on the other hand, opted to take the sports wagering business in their states to a different level following the repeal of PASPA in 2018.

For some more than a decade, sports bettors in Oregon have had access to reliable internet bookmakers that operate lawfully outside the U. S.

Is Oregon Legal to Wager on Sports?

Yes. One of the states that allows citizens to legally wager on sports thru the government lottery system is Oregon, which has a sports wagering market. During the middle of the 2019 NFL season, smartphone sports wagering alternatives were made available.

On the other hand, people in Oregon can lawfully place bets on sports via internet bookmakers that are based outside of the US.

Finding Your New Sportsbook

With so many different sportsbooks available, it may be hard for newcomers and experienced gamblers to find a sportsbook that is able to satisfy their needs.There are numerous factors that one needs to take into consideration. The most important of them all being that they are trustworthy and reliable.

One way of finding out such sportsbooks is by checking out the Oregon sports betting guide which gives you all the information you need when betting in Oregon and gives you a list of some of the most trustworthy sportsbooks available to Oregonians. Furthermore, you will also be able to view what types of sports each sportsbook offers, so make sure to choose one that offers the types of games you wish to place a bet on!

Sports Wagering Regulations in Oregon

PASPA did not apply to Oregon since they had a sports wagering service in place before the law took effect, hence they were excluded from its provisions. The state has now authorized full single-game sports wagering on the internet through a downloaded mobile application, and other tribal communities provide the hobby via retail. Previously, their options were restricted. The Oregon Lottery is now in charge of state-regulated sports gambling in Oregon, which excludes all collegiate sports.

There are no restrictions on gamblers placing wagers on sports at internet bookmakers headquartered outside of the United States under the state’s gaming regulations.

Oregon Sports Wagering Bills

Legislative session ended on June 28th, however HB2127 is still being considered by the committee. The Oregon Racing Commission will be in charge of overseeing sports wagering under a new measure introduced in the state legislature. In the event that this law is passed, it would represent an extension of the OR sports wagering market. HB3078, which would allow smartphone sports wagering and a few lottery games, is also stalled in the state’s committee.

Even if these legislation are unlikely to advance before the legislative session ends, they will be reviewed in 2022.

In Oregon, you may wager on the following:

Sports, horse racing, and casino and poker games round out the entertainment options. Wager on collegiate sports is strictly prohibited in state-regulated bookmakers, which only accept wagers on professional sports leagues. All sports wagers may be placed on Oregon-based bookmakers, as well as casino, poker, and racebook alternatives, at off-shore sportsbooks.

Bets in Oregon: Things You Can’t Wager on

All collegiate sports in the United States are included. There are no limitations while operating offshore.

Where Can I Place a Wager on Oregon Sports?

Smartphone bookmakers and sports wagering kiosks are on the way, thanks to an announcement by the Oregon Lottery system. The two projects have now begun their journeys toward fruition. There are also a few sportsbooks at the state’s tribal casinos that can be used by bettors.

The sports wagering websites featured below represent the best in the business for individuals who are interested in wagering online. A wide variety of sporting events, tournaments, and games may be bet on at various bookmakers. Anywhere in the state of Oregon can place a wager.

Frequently Asked Questions about Acceptable Forms of Sports Wagering in Oregon

Is It Legal to Place Bets on Sports in the State of Oregon?

As long as gamblers are at least 18 years old, they can lawfully wager internet offshore sportsbooks without breaking any state gambling rules.

In Oregon, what is the lawful age to wager on sports?

At the age of 18, citizens of Oregon are permitted to place bets. Adults 21 and older are required to enter casinos that sell drinks or provide video lottery games. If you’re 18 or older, you’ll be able to visit offshore websites.

Who in Oregon is in charge of overseeing sports wagering?

Presently, the Oregon Lottery Commission is in charge of regulating sports gambling in the state of Oregon. Bill 339 (H.B. 339) seeks to stop the Lottery System from conducting any game when tickets are sold through the internet.


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