How to Attract New Audience on Instagram


Instagram can help you find new customers, build a large community around your brand, and build trust. But before any of that happens, you need to figure out how to quickly build an active audience and get your audience’s attention on your account.

Stars, companies, brands, public figures, politicians, artists — almost everyone who knows anything about has an account. This is understandable because the platform has over 1 billion monthly active users. The social network has great potential, and in this article we will look at how to attract a new audience and whether you should buy Instagram followers for this.

We’ll use proven user acquisition growth strategies as an example.

How to attract the target audience

Often people pay a third-party service or agency to grow their audience but do nothing themselves. It seems to them that it is enough to invest money in promotion (order advertising or buy real Instagram followers on a special website) so that all the necessary work is done for them.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t work. Of course, if you want more effective promotion, then you can turn to a service like Viplikes for help. There you will get the number of new readers you need quickly and inexpensively. But besides this, you need to try to do everything so that these people stay and new ones come.

One way to increase readership and popularity of content is to give people something of value. This will ensure organic growth and popularity.

If you want to see the results you want, you need to work on it. Some of the responsibilities, of course, can be shifted to special services for promotion, but not all.

Use hashtags correctly

There have already been heated debates about them — whether to apply, and if so, how much and how. At first, it was believed that the more hashtags, the better. Then people decided that it is permissible to post no more than 30 and it is better to do this not in the post itself, but in the first comment under it. Today, the strategy is simple — yes, thematic hashtags are needed, they can increase the natural reach of content, but if they are handled correctly and there is no overabundance.

Create quality content of the right type

Once your account is ready to attract live followers, it’s time to create content that will get them to not only follow, but engage with your posts. This is one of the most organic forms of promotion.

The fact is that each audience behaves and reacts to content a little differently. Try creating different types of content, and then use the analytics in your business profile to find out what types of content users interact with the most. It can be:

  • long videos;
  • short videos;
  • funny posts;
  • behind the scene information;
  • information posts.

These are just some of the more common types. If your audience doesn’t like something for some reason, you should change your approach as often as possible. Always keep an eye on the statistics and do your best to please the interests of users.


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