“How Tall Is Actor Jay Hernandez? The Answer Might Surprise You”

How Tall is Jay Hernandez

Jay Hernandez is an American actor and fashion model known for his roles in “Friday Night Lights” (2004), “Hostel” (2005), “Bad Mothers” (2016), and “Suicide Squad” (2016). Fans of Jay are very curious to know How tall is Jay Hernandez’. In this article, we will discuss his height, Career, and other details.

Who is Jay Hernandez?

Jay Hernandez, whose real name is Javier Manuel Hernandez Jr., was born in the United States on February 20, 1978. He is an actor and model.  He first appeared on NBC’s Hang Time and then made his big screen debut with Kirsten Dunst in the love movie Crazy/Beautiful (2001).

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How Tall is Jay Hernandez

Since then, he’s been in a tonne of movies, including Friday Night Lights (2004), Hostel (2005), Bad Mothers (2016), and Suicide Squad (2016), in which he plays Chato Santana/El Diablo (2016). During the Magnum P.I. revival that debuted in 2018, he played the role of Thomas Magnum.

Full Name                                                     Javier Manuel Hernandez Jr.
Born on  February 20, 1978
Birth Place Montebello, California, U.S.                                              
Gender Male
  • Actor
  • fashion model
Age 46
Active Years 1998–present

How Tall is Jay Hernandez?

American actor and model Jay Hernandez’s birth name are Javier Manuel Hernandez Jr. Following his debut on NBC’s Hang Time, Hernandez made his big-screen debut in Crazy/Beautiful, starring alongside Kirsten Dunst.

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Hernandez is a tall man, measuring 175.26 cm (5 feet 9 inches). He came into the world on February 20, 1978, in Montebello, California. His special day is February 20. Age-wise, Hernandez clocks in at 44 years young.

His body measurement includes Chest in Inches: 40 Inches, Waist in Inches: 33 Inches, and Biceps in Inches: 14 Inches. He has Weight in Kilograms is 65kg, Weight in Pounds is 143lbs

Jay Hernandez Career

He played Antonio Lopez in the NBC sitcom Hang Time for three seasons, from 1998 to 2000. With this, Hernandez achieved success in his role opposite Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful. Since then, he’s appeared in a few notable Hollywoodlms, such as Rising to Power, the 2005 horror Hostel, and World Trade Center, where he played key roles.

In the august 2010 release Takers, Hernandez played a role. He reprised the role of Carlito Brigante, originated by Al Pacino in the 1993 film Carlito’s Way, in the 2005 prequel Carlito’s Way: Climb to Power.

How Tall is Jay Hernandez

In both Hostel (2005, Eli Roth) and Hostel (2007, again starring Hernandez) Hernandez played the role of Paxton. In 2015’s Max, he played a U.S. military sergeant who was tasked with caring for an injured rescue dog who had lost his handler.

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In 2016, he was seen in the comedic picture Bad Moms as Jessie Harkness and in the action thriller Suicide Squad as the metahuman ex-con El Diablo. The news agencies reported about his casting as Thomas Magnum in the CBS TV arrangement Magnum P.I. remake on February 20th, 2018. On September 24, 2018, the arrangement made its debut.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Did Jay Hernandez Serve in the Military?

Jay has never served in the military, but he plays a soldier who served in Afghanistan very convincingly. Then in 2015, he played Sgt. Reyes in the family film Max.

Is Jay Hernandez a Veteran?

Jay Hernandez, a native of Houston and an Army veteran with numerous combat deployments, has joined UST as assistant director of Veteran Services. As an Army intelligence analyst, Hernandez was responsible for the gathering, processing, analysis, and dissemination of strategic and tactical intelligence.

Jay Hernandez is 46 years (February 20, 1978).
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