House leaders urge Dimes not to join Biden team to retain majority

Faced After shrinking For the most part, House leaders are encouraging the Democrats to work with the incoming Biden administration – concerned Republicans could capture any vacant seats, sources told The Post on Sunday.

Locals have repeatedly accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (T-C) and majority leader Steny Hoyer (T-MD) of forcing Dems to defend their weak majority.

“Nancy tells members of the House,‘ Now is not the time to leave, ’” a Democratic official explained by Democratic Congress representatives.

But House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (T-MD) told the Interim Committee that Biden was urging Democrats to remain in Congress and not to hunt down its members because of the party’s slim majority following the November 3 election.

Important topics on the ship jumping to work for Biden after losing House seats came up at a House Democratic Caucus meeting last week.

“It doesn’t help to talk about it,” a member of the Democratic leadership said in a call to the House of Commons that they wanted to leave their seats and work for Biden.

“The sentiment is: do not make bad decisions about going to the administration without first considering the consequences for the Caucasus,” said a Democrat who was familiar with the call.

The majority of the Democrat-led “Jeetgeist” said their majority was “razor thin”.

Pelosi’s office denied that the speaker was pressuring House Democrats to resign.

“It simply came to our notice then. The Speaker wants the full participation of the House Democrats in the future as represented in the Biden-Harris mandate and administration, ”said Pelosi spokesman Drew Hamil.

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Last week, The Post revealed that Biden Viewing a two-party list 30 members of Congress known for serving across the aisle for key executive positions.

The Biden Change Committee oversees 20 members of the House of Representatives and 10 members of the Senate, who have been awarded the Jefferson-Hamilton 2020 Award by the US Chamber of Commerce for both houses.

An insider said Biden’s committee was watching the House more closely – where Democrats have a majority – rather than the Senate, to snatch it away. Two special elections In Georgia in January.

The ballots are still being counted, but it is clear that the House Democratic majority will shrink from its current 233 to 201 than the Republicans. Democrats will lose about a dozen seats.

As of Friday evening, Democrats are expected to win 219 seats and Republicans 203 seats. 13 more races have not been called.

Results – Biden came to the top of the ticket by a margin of 5 million votes despite defeating President Trump – Led to open The war between the left and the moderates and the organization of the party.

Fingerprinting Representative Alexandria focuses on promoting the Occasio-Cortez and the Left Money laundering the police And Pelosi An indicator Refrigerator full of precious ice cream.

His seat will be filled during a special election open to both Democrats and Republicans if he wants to join a House Dem administration. The timing of such elections will vary from state to state.

Historically, the ruling president’s party also lost Congress seats during the midterm elections. The council was overthrown under Presidents Obama and Trump.

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House leaders are particularly concerned about moderate Democrats voting in co-operative flying swings – giving Republicans a foothold in winning those seats.

Lawmakers such as Upstate Democrat Representative Anthony Brindisi have already called for a Biden Transformation Committee, which is reportedly close to the debate.

Brindisi is trailing former GOP representative Claudia Denny in the run-up to the by-elections. But he narrowed the gap by winning 75 percent of the first ballot in the thousands of ballots counted last week. He still received 29,000 mail-in votes by a margin of 16,720 votes.

Other New York Democrats representing potential swing districts include Sean Patrick Maloney, a representative in the Hudson Valley, and Kathleen Rice and Tom Suezi, a Long Island representative.

Hoyer’s office and the Biden change committee have no opinion.

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