‘His Dark Materials’ Season 3: When Can We Expect It?


His Dark Materials Season 3 is coming!

The third season of the acclaimed fantasy drama series, based on Philip Pullman’s trilogy of novels, will premiere in 2019. Here are all the details we know so far about what to expect from this new season. We’re excited for this next chapter and can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Check out everything we know about His Dark Materials Season 3 below! Read more here!

Everything We Know About ‘His Dark Materials’ Season 3

After the first season of the fantasy drama wrapped up in 2020, HBO announced that a second one is already underway. Season 3 of the series is expected to premiere in November 2021.

The plot concerns Lyra, a young orphan girl, and Will, a teenage boy who must journey between worlds to avoid deadly foes and discover the truth behind a strange substance known as Dust.

Here’s everything we know so far.


Is Another ‘His Dark Materials’ Season in the Works?

On December 22, HBO and BBC One officially announced the renewal of an eight-episode third and final season!

The fantasy series is based on Philip Pullman’s book series of the same name. Season 2 covered the second book of Pullman’s trilogy, The Subtle Knife, and a third and final volume in the tale series, The Amber Spyglass, which may serve as season 3’s source material.

The executive producer is already planning for a possible third season, in which Father MacPhail would be the main character.

We’ll get to that later.

When Will Season 3 of ‘His Dark Materials’ Be Available?

In previous years, the program has aired on BBC One and HBO in December and continues into the new year. On the other hand, we are aware of how much the pandemic has disrupted filming schedules worldwide over the last year, so a 2021 release is unlikely.

Another benefit is that, due to the fact that season 2 began filming before season one is set to premiere in 2019, the program had plenty of time to prepare for it.

Producers of “Game of Thrones” have indicated that they may begin filming season 3 by the summer or spring of 2021, which implies new episodes won’t debut until 2022.

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The Story- What Will Happen in ‘His Dark Materials’ season 3?

Season 3 will feature a new protagonist in the form of Father MacPhail, according to Showrunner Thorne.

‘It’s difficult to describe,’ he added, ‘because, in series three, there’s a moment that Father MacPhail (Will Keen) does something remarkable and desperate, which we’ve put in our minds. ‘We enjoyed the challenge,’ she adds. ‘It was something we always wanted to scratch.’

Season 3 could feature the fall of the Magisterium, as Thorne suggested that one of the groups’ most powerful people will be disciplined.


The show has strayed from the chronological sequence of events in the novels, so while we may try to anticipate what will happen based on the books, there is still a sense of mystery among us.

The series may also take scenes from Pullman’s other book series as Executive producer Jane Tranter promises, ‘I’m very pleased to allude to certain occurrences in The Book of Dust, another of Philip Pullman’s tales.’

The Golden Compass is the first novel in his His Dark Materials series. The trilogy, which spans three novels and six years, features Lyra’s backstory chronologically as well as several subplots that dig deeper into her life. La Belle Sauvage and The Secret Commonwealth are two of them, which focus on Lyra’s backstory.

Overall, we’re really excited about what’s ahead as production designer Joel Collins tells RadioTimes.com, ‘We obviously have to go to the land of the dead, and it’s a thrilling thing to consider and explore.’ It’s a huge, complicated, and wonderfully enjoyable puzzle. I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge. I’m excited about the prospect of expanding my horizons!

Who Is Returning For His Dark Materials Season 3?

Nothing is confirmed, but based on showrunner Thorne’s statement, Will Keen will likely return as Father Hugh MacPhail for season 3.

We’re hoping to see Dafne Keene (as Lyra Belacqua) and Amir Wilson (as her new pal Will Parry) in season 3 together.

The second season of His Dark Materials was ten episodes long, and it continues to be based on Philip Pullman’s beloved novel series. There are quite a few new cast members heading into this one; including Ruth Wilson as Marisa Coulter and Simone Kirby as Dr. Mary Malone.

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Is There Any Trailer For The Movie?

Here is the official trailer of the movie. Have a look at the trailer.

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