Hermann Jose goes to SIC and sends a mouthful to Maria Botelho Moniz: “It’s okay to wrap it up” – Nacional

Herman Jose, who has a weekly RTP show where he says he is extremely happy professionally, as he can do experiments that a private channel does not allow, was a guest of ‘Casa Feliz’, the morning coordinator of SIC.

The comedian took the opportunity to send some gifts to the competition. “Nobody has to watch anymore, it’s all with Claudio Ramos and.” With Botelho Muniz“Herman fired.” And if they are, then they are in good health, ”confirmed Joao Baiao. And Hermann continued:“ Botelho Muniz only eats, as I have seen. Now I’m going to Beatrice to make Botelho Muniz always eat, she’s like me: She’s fine with her bales. Herman Jose added: “We don’t eat normally, we like food. I’m no longer skinny, I’m disgusting.”

“I have a very strong, cold German rib (…) my brain is crazy,” explained Hermann José, after Joao Baiao asked him if he had any inclination towards depression. He explained, “I am very intelligent, I cannot reach orgasm with music, because the very beautiful thing is that the thing is loved, I can focus only on the strings.” “I have to go and mute. So I think this practical aspect is at the service of feelings and that is why I don’t feel depressed.” Hermann also assumed he was suffering from “high blood pressure” after Dr. Almeida Nunes said that today is World Hypertension Day.

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