Hellbound Season 2: Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Hellbound?

Hellbound Season 2

Hellbound Season 2-This is one of those programs where you’re immediately drawn in by its opening sequence, just like the actors are pulled to hell by vicious, demonic monsters that slaughter everyone sentenced to death by visiting “angels” in Hellbound.

It’s important to note, however, that the supernatural terror quickly fades away without diminishing the initial terror. As a result, Yeon Sang-ho, the director of Train to Busan and this film, shifts the focus to how these religious visits affect Korean culture as a whole.

You may be wondering what Netflix’s next major Korean hit will be after the shocking cliffhanger in the finale. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you. Here at Digital Spy, we’re going to Hell to find out all you need to know about the upcoming Netflix series Hellbound season two.

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Who’s in the Cast of Hellbound Season 2?

Following the unexpected finale, it appears as Kim Shin-rok will return to the role of Park Jeong-ja in season two, and she may even take over as the lead.

Hopefully, Kim Hyun-joo will reprise his role as Min Hye-jin, the lawyer-turned-badass who carried most of the primary plot forward in the first six episodes.

Despite the numerous fatalities in season one, there is still a potential that Yoo Ah-in would return as Jeong Jin-soo, albeit through flashbacks or possibly supernatural methods. Yes, it’s doubtful, but the scary cult leader played a key role in Hellbound’s first season plot, and we’d love to learn more about him before he became the head of the “New Truth Society.”

Hellbound Season 2

Hellbound Season 2 Release Date

In the event that Netflix decides to extend Hellbound, a second season could theoretically arrive as early as the winter of 2022, as Yeon Sang-ho is a prolific writer and director. There’s a chance that it wouldn’t be live-action, though.

“Working with Netflix was a pleasure for me,” Sang-ho told Variety. “My artistic vision aligned with theirs, and they made it possible for me to focus only on my work without having to worry about distribution or when or how to distribute the series.

“The tale of Hellbound, which is based on the original webtoons, will be told initially through the webtoon and, if we decide to transform it into a live-action series in the future, that’s something we’ll have to debate more.

Hellbound Season 2

“Because we had just published Hellbound season one, we didn’t have the opportunity to speak with Netflix about this issue. So, I’d think we need more discussion on this topic.

“In 2002, Choi Kyu-Seok, a cartoonist and co-creator of the webtoon, created a short animation that was then turned into a webtoon on Naver. We discussed the possibility of a live-action series while developing the Hellbound animation.

“However, the webtoons began to broadcast on the site when I was filming Peninsula. Netflix and I had been discussing [a live-action series] before [the webtoon went live on the site], but after [the webtoon went public], we started talking about doing that.”

Season two of Stranger Things might be delayed by a year if Netflix agrees to let it be released as a webtoon before switching back to a live-action series in 2023.

What Does happen in Hellbound Season 2?

In the season one conclusion of Hellbound, Soyhun questions Deacon Yuji about her baby’s unfortunate destiny and why it happened. They plan to separate the woman and her baby so no one finds out that individuals without sin can still be sent to hell.

Thankfully, Min Hye-jin saves the day by kicking cult ass in the hallway outside. Min smuggles the family to a safe home after the rescue. She has no idea that the guy she trusts is Lee Dongwook, the cult’s mad YouTuber who used to preach the cult’s religion online before the decrees.

While he initially helps by releasing a video criticizing the cult’s original sin ideology, he betrays Min and tries to kill everyone. Maybe a “Messiah”?

Before Lee can murder the infant and cover up God’s “error,” the demons arrive to kill the baby. For protection, the parents bind themselves around the newborn and burn in their glow.

The infant is clutched by his parents’ burnt remains. Is this the first decree survivor? Possibly. The Messiah then intervenes and tries to knife the infant. “The message is too complex!” he yells.

Hellbound Season 2

The demons come barely in time to murder Lee. Is the youngster a new “Messiah”? The mob protects him from the cult’s influence. Min retrieves the infant and flees in a cab.

“I don’t care about God,” the driver admits. “But one thing is certain: this world is ours.” We should deal with our own… You agree?”

The camera follows us and Min as we ponder those final words. But that’s not all. Just when you believe Hellbound’s first season is ended, we cut to Park Jeong-burnt ja’s remains, where the room shakes and the corpse begins to reassemble. Miraculously, the “sinner” has returned from Hell, presuming she was ever there.

Season two of Hellbound will undoubtedly explore what happens when the dead return in this manner. How will this change society’s perception of death and demonic visitations? Due to the twisted nature of season one, we wouldn’t be shocked if the “angels” aren’t actually angels.

“For the second season, I hope a completely new universe, a third realm that is neither paradise nor hell arises,” Yoo Ah-in told Korea Joongang Daily. What if this ‘hell’ that everyone feared was truly a four-dimensional reality that no one knew about? And I hope that, like Park Jung-ja, Jin-su will be restored. What will these revived beings do to this world?”


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