Helicopter parts smuggled from the United States are confiscated into Tokandins | Togandins

Helicopter parts illegally imported from the United States were seized Wednesday (19) in Quares, in the northern region of Tokontins. According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the object was found inside the boxes while searching for cars in a fox truck. Police said the pieces sold for more than $ 50,000 in the United States.

The approach took place at km 332 of the BR-153. Police conducted a search when they stopped a fox truck carrying several used vehicles. They started looking for cars, 10 boxes of which were taken away without an invoice.

According to police, the boxes and parts inside were found to be of international origin. During the incident, the owner of the area was contacted by police, who confirmed that they were imported from the United States and used in the helicopter engine.

The person sent to the police a document from the customs clearance relating to parts manufactured in 2013. However, the smuggled parts were manufactured in 2019 and were found to be inconsistent with the PRF document.

After the approach, the imported and illegally transported pieces were confiscated and taken to the city police station. The owner of the item may respond by default.

In PS-153, captured at Guara – Photo: Revelation / PRF – TO

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