Heels Season 2 Release Date and Trailor Updates: Major Update About the Coming of New Season!

Heels Season 2 Release Date and Trailor Updates

Heels, a wrestling drama series shown on Starz, has at long last been given a launch date for its upcoming second season, in which Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Jack Spade.

It has been reported by PWInsider that the second season of the television show Heels, which stars Stephen Amell, will make its debut on Starz on October 9. Jack Spade (played by Stephen Amell) and Ace Spade (played by Alexander Ludwig) are brothers, rivals, and professional wrestlers on the series Heels, which was created by Michael Waldron (Loki). The series follows the brothers as they play out scripted matches in the ring and deal with their real-life differences.

Amell has been giving fans sneak peeks behind the scenes of his training regimen for the wrestling drama in the lead-up to the release of Season 2 of the show. The footage of the actor’s superhero-level training routine, which included curling what was likely between 105 and 120 pounds, was released by the actor in April.

During this time, Amell was shooting scenes for the upcoming second season of Heels in Atlanta, Georgia. The actor uploaded a video in June that showed how he recovered from the physically demanding process of preparation for his role as Jack Spade, which included submerging himself in an ice bath.

Heels Will Be Back for Its Second Season

In November of 2021, it was officially revealed that Heels would be returning for a second season. After a number of lengthy production delays, the first season finally made its debut on Starz in August of that year.

Heels Season 2 Release Date and Trailor Updates

These delays were in part caused by the widespread coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, as well as a back injury that Stephen Amell suffered while executing a stunt. Amell revealed in July 2021 that he had actually fractured his hip while performing the feat, although, at the time, he was unaware of the injury.

“I received a message from Big Show that said, “Nice from Coast to Coast.” That appeared to be rather rigid. And at that moment, I had the impression that I was seated on a tennis ball. To put it simply, I had no idea what was going on.”

Amell played the title character of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on The CW’s long-running Arrow series for eight seasons before taking on the leading role on Heels. The role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is where the word “Arrowverse” was derived from.

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It seemed inevitable that Arrow would pave the way for a slew of spinoff programs, like The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, and Superman & Lois. There have been rumors that the second season of Heels will include crossovers with the television show Arrow, however, these rumors have not been proven, and there is no indication as to what those crossovers could involve.

In a recent interview, Amell stated that should he ever get the chance to reprise his part as Green Arrow, he would like to take it to a very different and possibly bloodier place. He made this statement in reference to the possibility of the role being more violent.

“Oh, sure. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to everyone at DC, The CW, and Warner Bros. Television “Amell was asked about the possibility of coming back to the property.

Important News About When the Second Season of Heels Will Start

Update: PWInsider has since taken back its original story, saying that multiple sources from Starz have told them that the show’s premiere date has not been set. When a date has been chosen, an official announcement will be made.

According to PWInsider, the pro wrestling drama Heels, which stars Stephen Amell, will return to Starz on Oct. 9 for its second season. Michael Waldron (Loki) made the show, and the first season premiered in August 2021.

Heels Season 2 Release Date and Trailor Updates

Then, in November, it was made clear that there would be a second season. The show is about a made-up small town in Georgia called Duffy and its professional wrestling league, Duffy Wrestling League. Jack Spade (William Amell) is in charge of the promotion, and his brother Ace (Alexander Ludwig) is one of its top stars.

Most of the first season was about their struggles to deal with their tense relationship, the scars left by their traumatic childhood with an abusive father, and balancing their personal lives.

At the end of the first season, the DWL ran a successful event at the South Georgia State Fair. The main event was won by Crystal Tyler (Kelli Berglund), who climbed the ladder to become the new DWL Champion. Many of Jack’s personal problems with his brother and wife haven’t been solved, which is sad.

In an interview with ComicBook before Season 1, Waldron talked about casting Amell as Jack. He said, “Well, it’s hard to cast the lead of any show because they have to be a great actor who can carry the show on their shoulders.”

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“If you want to play Jack Spade, you also need the body of a great wrestler. We needed someone who could do these things in the ring and out of the ring in a way that made sense. If you saw him with his wife and kids and other people in the town, you’d think he’s a pro wrestler who lives here.


Heels, a wrestling drama series shown on Starz, will return for a second season. Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Jack Spade. The second season of the television show Heels will debut on October 9. Stephen Amell played Green Arrow on The CW’s Arrow for eight seasons. He now stars in the pro wrestling drama Heels on Starz.

There have been rumors that the second season of Heels will include crossovers with Arrow. “Duffy Wrestling League’s first season has been renewed for a second season. The show is about a small town in Georgia and its professional wrestling league. William Amell plays Jack Spade, the man in charge of the DWL, and his brother Ace.