Harlan Crow Net Worth 2023: How Much He Earn?

Harlan Crow Net Worth

Harlan Crow’s full name is Harlan Rogers Crow. He is an American Kittitian real estate developer. He is 74 years old.

Harlan Crow is renowned for his achievements in business, real estate, and philanthropy. He has built an impressive business empire over the years as chairman and CEO of Crow Holdings, a private investment firm that focused on real estate. 

Harlan is now one of the wealthiest people in the United States, thanks to his extensive knowledge and expertise, which has allowed him to accumulate a sizable fortune. This article will examine in more detail Harlan Crowe’s wealth, businesses, and charities. 

Early Life of Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow was born in 1949 and his birthplace is Dallas, Texas, United States. Harlan Rogers Crow grew up in a family that had a strong background in real estate development.

He is the third son of Margaret Doggett Crow and His father, Trammell Crow, was a well-known real estate developer and founder of the Trammell Crow Company, one of the largest commercial real estate development firms in the United States.

Harlan Crow Net Worth

Growing up in such an environment, Crow was exposed to the world of business and entrepreneurship from an early age. 

He has one sister and four brothers. He attended high school at Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia.

He later attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia before transferring to the University of Texas, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (BBA).

Career Life Of Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow embarked on a successful career in finance and investment management. He joined his family’s real estate firm, the Trammell Crow Company, and gained valuable experience working on various projects.

Crow’s dedication and astute business sense led him to become a prominent figure in the industry.

In addition to his involvement in real estate, Crow established Crow Holdings in 1991, an investment firm that specializes in private equity, diversified investments, and real estate.

Harlan Crow Net Worth

Under his leadership, the company has experienced substantial growth and has become renowned for its expertise in wealth management and strategic investment.

Crow is highly respected for his financial acumen and his ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities. He has made significant investments in diverse sectors, including real estate, technology, healthcare, and energy. Crow’s business acumen has earned him a reputation as a shrewd investor and a trusted advisor in the world of finance.

Social Media

At 74, Harlan barely manages to maintain a social media profile. He has been highlighted by various social platforms, media outlets, and newspaper outlets like Forbes, The New York Post, The New York Times, Business Insider India, etc.

Personal Life Of Harlan Crow

Harlan Crow married twice in his life. There are no details about the name of the first wife and the children. However, his second wife’s name is Kathy, with whom he has fathered three children.

Harlan Crow Net Worth

The children’s names are Jack, Rob, and Sarah, they must have been adults and married by now. Kathy Crow earned her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University in 1989 and an MBA from Southern Methodist University’s (SMU) Cox School of Business.

She is a member of the SMU Board of Trustees and the Cox School of Business and the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. The Crow donated $5 million to build the Kathy Crow Commons at SMU in 2014.

His mother, Margaret Crow, survived the sinking of the SS Athenia, the first British ship sunk by Nazi Germany during World War II.

Harlan Crow’s Net Worth 2023 

Harlan has an estimated net worth of $3 Billion US Dollars in 2023. Crow made some gifts to Relate Equity Clarence Thomas, including a $19,000 book of scriptures that had belonged to Frederick Douglass.

Crow is the head of Crow Holdings, which has a net worth of $29 billion in assets. Crow Holdings is a private investment firm that specializes in real estate, private equity, and other investment opportunities.

Crow provided Thomas with a photograph of Equity and his significant other, indicated by the painter Sharif Tarabay.

Crow’s organization gave an additional $105,000 to the Yale graduate school, the Thomas Institute of Matriculation, for an “equity Thomas picture asset” charge filing shows.

Equity Thomas has acknowledged long-haul extravagant travel including customary global and domestic personal luxury airline travel, superyacht island Jumping, and secret hotel stays. 

Harlan Crow Net Worth

  • Net Worth – $3 Billion
  • Annual Income – $270 Million 
  • Donations – $100 Million
  • Cash in Bank – $1 Billion
  • Luxury Yachts – 20+
  • Monthly Spends – $18 Million
  • Luxury Cars – 50+
  • Inheritance – $850 Million
  • Crypto Investments – $60 Million
  • Retirement savings – $120 Million
  • Stock Portfolio – $900 Million
  • Luxury Mansions – 39
  • Taxes Paid – $11 Million 
  • Private Jets – 7

Harlan Crow’s Donations

Crow has been a vocal supporter of the Republican Party and has been a heavy contributor since the days of Ronald Reagan. Harlan Crow has increased his contributions substantially since he began campaigning for George W. Bush.

Below, we have provided the list of the donations made by Harlan Crow as well as the names of individuals who have received funds.

  • George W Bush – $30 Million
  • McCain  – $17 Million
  • Mitt Romney –  $45 Million
  • Donald Trump – $28 Million
  • Clarence Thomas – $5 Million
  • Brett Kavanaugh – $1 Million
  • Ted Cruz – $2 Million
  • Mike Pence – $5 Million
  • Jared Kushner – $12 Million
  • Marsha Blackburn – $5 Million
  • Ron Desantis – $4 Million
  • Kevin McCarthy – $1 Million

Harlan Crow Net Worth Timeline

  • Harlan Crow Net Worth 2023 – $3.0 Billion
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth 2022 – $2.7 Billion
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth 2021 – $2.5 Billion
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth 2020 – $2.4 Billion
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth 2019 – $2.2 Billion
  • Harlan Crow Net Worth 2018 – $2.1 Billion


Harlan Crow’s life is a testament to his dedication to both business and philanthropy. Through his successful career in finance, his philanthropic endeavors, and his passion for preserving history, he has made a significant impact in multiple domains and continues to be a respected figure in the business and investment world.

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