‘Haikyu!!’ Season 5: Everything We Know So Far


Haikyu!! Season 5 is coming! The wait for the new season of Haikyu!! is finally over. We know you’ve been waiting patiently, so we’re excited to share everything we know about the upcoming season with you. This article will give you all the information on what’s in store for Hinata and Kageyama this year, including their opponents, how they’ll be training together and more!

So without further ado…let’s get into it. Read our article on ‘Haikyu!!’ Season 5 now! 

‘Haikyu’ Everything We Know So Far In Season 5

There are still a lot of manga chapters to be adapted. Will ‘Haikyu‘ return for season 5? Fans are already feeling deprived of the rush they get from watching some exciting volleyball action on a court.

The series concluded its two-part fourth season in December 2020, and it has been anticipated since.

In this crossover, a young woman from the United States, Kizuna Ai, is transferred to an unidentified dimension where she encounters a fellow student named Tsukuru Tsuchibayashi. Yuma Aikawa and Natsumi Haruta. His father was murdered by people In this series, Shoyo Hinata is a young boy who aspires to be a great volleyball player despite his tiny stature.

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There are a lot of volleyball games on the schedule, but when will they be shown? Will season 5 of the anime be the final season? Here’s what we know so far.


Will There Be The Fifth Season of “Haikyu”

It’s also possible that there will be a live Liberation of the Dragon Palace, which is not yet confirmed for season 5. It’s been months since the final episode of season 4 was broadcast, yet Production I.G., Weekly Shonen Jump, or any other anime production-related firm has not revealed a renewal for the series.

There’s no need to be concerned because there is still a lot of desire for another season.

After the previous episode aired on Crunchyroll, the Haikyu!! Studio Trigger, the creators of Kizuna Ai and Little Witch Academia, stated during a live broadcast on Facebook that they will be releasing an anime in 2021. According to the Instagram account for Studio Trigger (which has since been removed), Crunchyroll’s senior vice president of Asia Pacific & Japan, Raju Narisetti, posted a message

Thank you all so much, Haikyu! ! We also want to congratulate the crew at Anime for their unwavering commitment throughout the year! Thank you again for all of your hard work. I’m looking forward to where this goes next!

Surely, a sequel is what anime lovers have been waiting for! Haikyu!! The sports manga Asu no Yoichi (also known as Ichi the Killer) is one of Crunchyroll’s most popular titles. It has received an average of 8 out of 10 stars on MyAnimeList, which is higher than the show’s season one.

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The manga concluded after 12 years and 402 chapters in 2020. There are still enough chapters remaining to cover at least two seasons of the anime, but it’s possible that they would be split among more volumes.

When Will ‘Haikyu!!’ Season 5 Release?

Season 5 has yet to be confirmed, and it’s unlikely to be released before 2022 (assuming it gets renewed soon). We’re making this prediction on the basis of previous seasons’ schedules.

The game was originally released in Japan in April 2014 and ended in September 2014. The second season debuted in October 2015 and ran until March 2016. In 2020, the anime returned to television after three years. It was held for two seasons in 2020 and 2021, with each season consisting of 24 episodes. The first season of 13 episodes aired from January to April 2020, and the second season of 12 episodes will premiere in October 2020.

The fourth season of the anime was announced during Jump Festa ’19 and launched January 2020, roughly one year after. If the anime is renewed for season 5 this year and does not have another three-year gap, it will most likely premiere in 2022.

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What’s The Story In ‘Haikyu’ Season 5?

At the conclusion of the fourth season, the manga series had reached Chapter 292. Based on where the manga story left off, season 5 will follow Nekoma and Karasuno’s battle at the garbage dump.

There will be many matches that adopt similar rules, including high-stakes games. Every match will have a significant influence on the characters’ lives. Hinata will also encounter ‘the Little Giant,’ the short but talented wing spiker who motivated him to start playing volleyball.


There are still a large number of story arcs to be adapted, and if the anime continues to adapt them until season 6 or 7, there will be substantial adjustments in the plot. The film will ultimately jump five years and relocate from Japan to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After considering the performance of volleyball teams in Canada, the league will shift its attention to beach volleyball. “

‘Haikyu’ What’s The Cast of Season 5?

KyoAni ‘s adaptation of the novel was announced in April. The anime’s cast list includes Ayumu Murase as Hinata, Kaito Ishikawa as Kageyama, Yu Hayashi as Ryunosuke Tanaka, Satoshi Hino as team captain Daichi Sawamura, Miyu Irino as Koshi Sugawara.

Meanwhile, the English voice cast list features Bryson Bauga as Hinata, Scott Gibbs as Kageyama, Greg Cote as Tanaka, Justin Duran as Sawamura, Adam Gibbs as Sugawara, Leraldo Anzaldua as Tsukishima, Cameron Bautsch as Yamaguchi, Greg Ayres as

The cast of the anime’s previous seasons has voiced characters in the series. So, should the series be renewed for a fifth season, we anticipate them to return.

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