Hacker attack on pipe connections in the United States. The FBI is confirming who is behind this

The FBI has confirmed that a hacker was behind the attack on a pipeline operator in the United States Darkshide. CNN calls this hacker group the Russian criminal group.

Colonial Pipeline Mexico supplies 45 percent of the refineries in the Gulf to the eastern and southern parts of the United States. Fuels used there. Last Friday (May 7), the company was forced to temporarily shut down its pipeline network. If the suspension of goods continues, it could adversely affect energy prices on the East Coast.

“It simply came to our notice then ransomware Darkside responsible for attacking the colonial pipeline network. We continue to cooperate with the company and our government partners in the investigation, ”he was quoted as saying by the BAP Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ransomware is software that blocks access to an IT system or prevents data from being read. The hackers demanded a ransom from the pipeline operator.

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According to the findings of Western journalists, the Dark Side group was made up of soldiers from the hacking community. The Boston-based Cyberison, according to Leora Diva, must have been a hacker who previously worked on the colonial pipeline. The American cybercrime expert believes that Darkside differs from other affiliates in producing a better intelligence.

They know who the manager is, they know who they are talking to, they know where the money is, they know who the decision maker is – said Lior Div.


DarkSite is one of the most professional cyber criminal groups. On its website, DarkSite recalls previous hacker crimes. There is also a list of details of victims who have not paid. Covers that stole information from more than 80 American and European companies.




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