Greenvolt negotiated to purchase a biomass plant in England – Energy

Greenvolt has entered into an exclusive operation to purchase Tilbury Green Power, a 42 MW renewable biomass power plant located in the port of Tilbury, Essex, England.

at Release, The company headed by Manso Neto says the plant is fully operational and the bid was submitted jointly “with an English institutional investor.”

“The proposal presented was considered preferential, and in this sequence, the negotiation process began with the aim of completing the said acquisition,” also refers to a subsidiary of Altri.

“The potential acquisition of Tilbury Green Power will, as expected, be another steady step in the process of establishing GreenVolt as a distinct international player in the renewable energy market, further strengthening the growth and expansion strategy of its business in the renewable energy sectors in the European context.”

“The acquisition, if implemented, will always be subject to verification of a set of prior conditions that are usual in operations of this type,” the company affirms.

Incorporated into the Altri group, Greenvolt announced earlier this month a According to VR Europe To purchase the wholly owned subsidiary V-Ridium, while VR Europe will become the owner of a qualifying holding in Greenvolt’s equity, at a rate determined by the IPO.

V-Ridium is a Polish-based company operating in the renewable energy sector but on a European scale, being a reference player in this sector and its pipeline is wind and solar energy projects, mainly in Poland and Greece, with about 2,800 megawatts (megawatts), of which more than 1500 MW, in an advanced stage of development.

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