Greenhouse Academy Season 5: Canceled By Netflix!


The Greenhouse Academy has established itself as one of those Netflix shows that just never seem to leave. However, it appears that Netflix is as enthusiastic about the show as we are, but will they want to renew it for a fifth season? Let’s explore.

This post was just recently reviewed and is up to date as of June 1, 2021.

The third installment by the same name is a romantic comedy that follows a group of kids in an exclusive boarding school, as well as all their wild experiences with love, nefarious organizations, and mind-bending alien sh*t. The show is batshit crazy, but can we expect another season?

Is a Fifth Season of Greenhouse Academy on the Way?

We’ve received some terrible news! Greenhouse Academy has been canceled by Netflix after four seasons. There was some optimism after the fourth season, especially when showrunner Giora Chamizer said in a Decider interview that he would be interested in working on new installments once Netflix approves them.

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However, optimism is not entirely lost for the fifth season. There’s enough material for a new season, and another network could pick up the popular teen drama. Disney+ is a major competitor because the series is well-timed with much of its target audience.

What Will Be The Story Arc Of Greenhouse Academy Season 5?

The plot of Season 4 culminated with Greenhouse Academy’s pals successfully preventing the release of a virus at the school by an evil organization. Then we learn that the bad organization is run by Jason Osmond, Louis Osmond’s son.

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The fifth season, if it is picked up, will most likely be a sequel to this. We may get to witness our pupils’ reactions, as well as the introduction of new threats. We don’t know much about the new season’s story right now.


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