Everybody enjoys tv series about school pupils and the intriguing lives surrounding them, right? Now, what about a tv series about school pupils but it’s pretty full of social troubles and the dark natures of humans? Isn’t it more intriguing? If you share this sentiment, you should probably watch “Grand Army,” one of Netflix’s most popular teen drama series.

The 9 episodes of Grand Army have centered on terrorism, politics, humor, family conflicts, culture clashes, drug problems, sexual assault, and other current teen topics, and are based on Katie Cappiello’s play Slut, for which she also serves as showrunner. It’s already sparked some controversy, with three black writers quitting owing to “racial exploitation and abuse” on set, as Ming Pfeiffer put it in a tweet. Overall, despite the fact that the series certainly has ardent followers, the show’s reception has been divided.

Grand Army has always been available on Netflix since Oct. 16, 2020, giving Netflix plenty of time to approve a second season, even in COVID-19 timeframes. However, the streaming behemoth has failed to do so, leaving fans to question if the program will return at all. On Twitter, some people are becoming impatient. Some have threatened to cancel their Netflix subscriptions if the series, which follows five diverse kids at a major high school in Brooklyn, does not receive a second season.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Grand Army Season 2?

There isn’t an official cast list for Season 2 because it hasn’t been announced yet. Despite this, all five key characters from the first season have shown an interest in returning. “We’re ready,” Amalia Yoo said in a group interview with Entertainment Weekly on October 17 that seemed to speak for them all. However, they had no idea if the show would return at the moment and hoped Netflix was paying attention. Netflix still has the upper hand.


Joey Del Marco, who is also the primary character from the source material, Slut, is played by Odessa A’zion in the program. Dominique Pierre, a first-generation Haitian student, is played by Odley Jean. Siddhartha Pakam, a homosexual Indian student on the swim team, is played by Amir Bageria. Jayson Jackson, a musical prodigy from Spanish Harlem, is played by Maliq Johnson. Amalia Yoo, who plays Leila Kwan Miller, a Chinese adolescent adopted by Jewish parents, rounds out the core cast.

The performers clearly believe in the show’s relevance, and it would be astonishing if any of them turned down an invitation to return. Because their tales haven’t necessarily been concluded, you may anticipate a lot of the supporting characters to return. Among the cast members are Ashley Granger, Alphonso Romero II, August Blanco Rosenstein, Jaden Jordan and Zac Kara.

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Plot: Expectation from Grand Army Season 2

The first season of Grand Army had a lot to absorb, and the ending left many unanswered concerns about what to anticipate in season two.


After being raped by her former closest friends, Luke and George, Joey has yet to receive justice. After transferring schools to get away from the tragedy, it’s now up to Tim, who was there during the event, to assist Joey. Luke and George may finally face the repercussions of their heinous conduct if Tim comes forward as a witness.


Owen, a gifted saxophone, missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform a solo at the Lincoln Center owing to his involvement in a hoax. Instead of performing the saxophone solo, Jayson was given the seat, and he utilized it to demonstrate solidarity with Owen by tapping his mouth and raising his fist in the black power salute. Jayson’s actions are likely to have major consequences, and the momentum of his protest may inspire a huge percentage of the school’s student body to rally in favor of Owen.

Leila is by far the most perplexing of the students. She was shown to be the one who faked a bomb threat, was perhaps cheating on Omar with Joey’s rapist, George, and although standing up to her attackers, came across as bigoted. Next season, there might be serious consequences for her activities, and if her participation in the bogus bomb threat is uncovered, Leila could be dismissed.


Dominque’s future is uncertain following the revelation that she cheated on a history exam. Dominque’s activities may result in her being unable to complete her summer internship at Sisters Thrive due to the consequences of her conduct. At the very least, Dominque won’t have to worry about marrying someone she doesn’t know to help her family’s financial problems, but those worries haven’t gone away, and her mother’s decision in season two might easily alter.


Sid was not given the option to come out on his own, and instead was outed by his sister’s ex-boyfriend. Sid has a lot of burden on his shoulders as the star of the swim team, but his working hard has paid off after Harvard approved his university applications. Season 2 is expected to focus on Sid’s sexuality and his blossoming romance with Victor, as well as the prejudice he may encounter among the classmates.

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Release Date: Will There Be a Grand Army Season 2?

Grand Army can’t begin shooting until it’s cleared for a second season, and there’s no way of knowing when that will happen if it does, therefore no release date has been set. Even if Season 2 is greenlit today, and all the steps to reuniting the cast and getting the production back on track are taken, the program may still take some time to return.

Netflix had several months to make a decision, but after only one season, the streaming provider has decided to discontinue Grand Army. Grand Army had made it into the top 10 Netflix lists all over the global, but it was plainly not profitable enough for Netflix to continue it.

But there’s always hope; if a different platform gets engaged this time, it might not take as long. If this occurs, fans should not expect to see the program until 2023.

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