The HBO Max Gossip Girl” remake has reached its midseason conclusion, giving us a few months to digest the events of the first five episodes until the program returns later this year for Season 1, Part 2. (via Deadline). For the time being, we have a fresh cast of people and many plotlines in action, all of which have the potential to upend the group of adolescent friends at the core of the program, as well as their parents and instructors. While Part 1 ends without a cliffhanger, it succeeds in cementing the characters and their conflicts in place while Part 2 presumably builds up to even more dramatic levels. Although there is still a slew of information from Episode 6, “Parentsite,” to mull about, this is perhaps the most important lesson from the Part 1 conclusion.

As the first season of the remake of “Gossip Girl” came to a close, a few key plotlines developed. Zoya (Whitney Peak), Julien (Jordan Alexander), Obie (Eli Brown), Aki (Evan Mock), Max (Thomas Doherty) and Audrey (Emily Alyn Lind) were featured in two arcs, one of which centered on their parents. The constant “Gossip Girl” worries about the many intersections of money, class, power, love, family, and friendships arose across each of these arcs. Each of the characters listed above is currently embroiled in potentially life-altering situations that touch on one or more of these topics.

In terms of the C-plot, we returned our attention to the Gossip Girl instructors as they attempted to find a less troublesome method to meddle in the lives of their pupils, as they do in every episode; perhaps, Part 2 will provide a remedy to that dilemma.

Gossip Girl Reboot ending explanation

A prospective love triangle puts the sisterly connection to the test: Over the course of the first five episodes of the “Gossip Girl” remake, Julien and Zoya evolved from hidden sisters to a secret sisterly alliance to full-fledged ride-or-die sisters. Julien and Zoya became closer after what began as long-lost half-sisters devising a plan to spend time together. There were stumbling blocks along the way, like Julien’s nasty birthday gift for Zoya, but the sisters eventually reunited, and Julien became a shoulder to cry on while Zoya struggled with her relationship with Obie.

Julien and Zoya’s relationship begin to fray in the Part 1 finale, at the same time as Zoya and Obie are on the outs. Julien eventually acknowledges to her father (but mostly to herself) that she still loves Obie, but she doesn’t want to harm Zoya. After a group meal with Obie’s mother reveals how mismatched they are, Zoya and Obie call it quits, allowing Obie to kiss Julien during a demonstration outside a building his mother owns while leaving Zoya out in the cold.

It’s been apparent from the beginning that this love triangle is supposed to evoke the one between Blair, Serena, and Nate in the first season of “Gossip Girl.” It’s an age-old story: two close female friends are driven apart by their mutual emotions for a confused wealthy man. The relaunch of “Gossip Girl” appears to be interested in taking a different approach to this specific triangle, with the old pair reuniting and the current love interest setting off on her own. If Zoya continues to fly alone, it’s possible that she’ll start dating someone new, exposing the group to even more trouble.

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The parents become more visible: In the Part 1 finale, parents received a significant amount of attention. While Julien and Zoya’s fathers, Davis (Luke Kirby) and Nick (Jonathan Fernandez), were featured in prior episodes, they were mostly relegated as attentive, albeit quietly feuding, eyes over their children. Max’s fathers (Todd Almond and Jonathan Benjamin Hickey), whose shattered marriage was the B-plot of Episode 3, “Lies Wide Shut,” before drifting into the background as an infrequent concern, are in the same boat.

This significantly altered in the Part 1 conclusion, when the parents became more involved in the program. Davis became more involved in Julien’s life as an influencer and became closer to her as a result. In order to get his personal life at order in his new house, Nick sought to start a relationship with Kate Keller (Tavi Gevinson). Following Kiki’s melancholy period and unexpected health crisis, the two reunited. We also got to meet Obie’s mother, haughty real estate magnate Helena, and Aki’s parents, Malcolm McDowell and Hettienne Park, who portray a Rupert and Wendi Murdoch-like pair.

The original “Gossip Girl” dedicated more and more attention to the parents as well as the teens over the seasons. As privilege and power collided with family dynamics, new dramas emerged, raising the stakes even higher. The relaunch of “Gossip Girl” appears to be interested in putting this element back into the spotlight. In Part 2, the parents appear to be on the verge of becoming entangled in entanglements, so keep a watch on them.

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Is season 2 coming for Gossip Girl Reboot?

The sitcom is officially returning for a second season, according to a recent Instagram post on the official @gossipgirl page. The program has also been renewed, according to Deadline, after the first six episodes of season 1 received record-breaking views in the first four days of availability.

Gossip Girl Season 2 going to release on November 2021.

What going to happens in season 2 of Gossip Girl Reboot?

Because season 1 is still in its early stages, we’ll have to wait and see how things play out in the coming episodes before making any predictions for season 2.

However, it’s reasonable to assume that our beloved Constance Billard and St. Jude students will continue to get themselves into trouble as they try to figure out who is behind the Gossip Girl Instagram account.

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