GOP senators threaten to oppose the election college results if the commission is not formed

Nearly a dozen Republican senators and senators elected on Saturday called for a commission to audit the results of the 2020 election, and said they were opposed to the Electoral College vote declaring President-elect Joe Biden the winner.

While there is no evidence of any fraud in the election, the panel of lawmakers said in a statement, “We call on Congress to urgently conduct a 10-day audit of election proceeds to create a full investigation and fact-finding power.” “

If such a committee is not established, when the two chambers meet on January 6 to “reject voters from the disputed states as ‘incorrectly issued’ and ‘legally certified’ (legal requirement), that emergency is completed by the 10th and day audit.”

In the hands of Democrats, the rejection decision is unlikely to have any effect, and Biden will take office on January 20. But votes are being taken in Congress, which will continue to debate the certification until the end of the Republican action in both chambers.

Sense of the Republican Party. Dean Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, James Langford of Oklahoma, John Kennedy of Montana, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Mike Brown of Tennessee, and Sen. Select.

The senators paused in a statement saying they would table a referendum to oppose the results.

An objection will not be considered unless both the member of the House and the member of the Senate have signed it. To prolong the objection, both chambers must vote for it by a simple majority. If both chambers do not agree, the original ballot will be counted.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been urging his Republican convention not to join Senate Republicans in saying that the vote on the objections will be the “most important vote” of his career.

Wednesday sen. The announcement came Saturday after Josh Howley, R-Mo., Was the first senator to speak Opposing certificate Of some states’ Election College Results, Forced other Republicans to vote on whether to reject President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of massive voter fraud in this year’s election or to get millions of voters to vote.

Trump has slammed members of his party for failing to support his blatant claims of fraud, and has called for the resignation of local GOP officials who have refused to overturn their state decisions. The president has not yet commented on the latest developments, but his campaign tweeted a message thanking the senators.

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