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Since its launch on November 2019 a Google Stadia He did not have a very happy “life”, as he went through many troubles that alienated many players and studios. But The Google He wants you to know that Stadia All goes very well, thank you!

According to Nate Ahearn, Marketing Development Leader for Stadia, It’s going well, and he tells those who don’t believe in the platform to watch an evolution Stadia, because they are “Turning our words into actionCiting the program as an example The makers of Stadia And partnerships with studios like Capcom, EA, Square Enix, Ubisoft E etc.

This assertion that everything is fine comes next Close of Stadia Games & Entertainment, Which is an in-house studio to create exclusive titles for the platform, which even included Jade Raymond (a former Ubisoft who worked on Assassin’s Creed). With this department closed, all projects that were under construction “inside the house” were canceled and many employees were unfortunately dismissed.

At that time, vice president StadiaAnd the Phil Harrison, A statement showing that this was part of a new strategy, which consists of offering tools for third-party studios to create their games for Stadia, Without being supervised or requiring an internal team.

With that, the program The makers of Stadia Several independent studios have been created to create exclusive games. Ahearn explained that they do not “pressure” these studios to create these games, and that the program aims to help these studios so that Stadia Be the launch pad for your games, but without the pressure for it to happen.

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He also commented that there are more than 100 games that will be released for the platform that are still in progress. 2021, While continuing to make Stadia Great platform for players to be able to play on devices they already own (somewhat controversial, as there have been instances where new versions of Chromecast are not compatible with Stadia).

It remains to be watched to see if it is Stadia It managed to turn things around, but throughout the bumpy ride since its launch, I admit it sounds like a hard thing to do. But it is not impossible.

(Across: Eurogamer)

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