Google to build new submarine cable to connect Latin America and US – ocpoca Negócios

Online Sales: Google Guides Brazilian Micro and Small Business Owners (Photo: Andrew Horror / Bloomberg)

Oh Google, Said Wednesday from Alphabet that it is developing an undersea cable connecting the United States, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina to increase internet connectivity capacity between these regions.

Google said in a blog post that the cable, called Firmina, would be the longest in the world, running from the east coast of the United States to Los Toninas in Argentina, with Priya Grante, Brazil and Punta del Este, Uruguay.

"Firmina will improve access to Google services for users in South America. With 12 fiber pairs, the cable will transport traffic between North and South America quickly and securely, providing quicker and more convenient access to users. Less delay for search, Gmail and Google products on YouTube, Google Cloud Services" Reported.

The announcement comes amid growing demand for the Internet and cloud services as the Govt-19 epidemic has led to an increase in online work, shopping and entertainment.

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