Google Maps will bring more detailed pedestrian streets and navigation in real time

Google Maps will be receiving a slew of news in the coming months to help people better plan their outings. The goal is to avoid roads with a lot of traffic or congested areas, which is very important in the current pandemic moment. The news was announced at the Google I / O developer conference on Tuesday (18).

The interesting thing is that a large portion of the resources will also be used for pedestrians, which may enhance Google Maps as a navigation app for everyone, not just drivers.

For the latter, new updates will use machine learning and navigation information to allow for a smoother journey. Instead of choosing the faster lane, which could be on an unpaved road or with a large number of cars, the driver can choose an alternative, more relaxing route.

Another plus is commuting via more sustainable roads, as they emit less carbon dioxide or allow the use of bicycles. This template will give preference to the user’s preferred style, but it can be configured manually. Other spoken features previously mentioned in this version of I / O have been excluded, but you can check Promises produced by this issue Canaltic.

Pedestrian direction on maps

For those walking, street maps will contain more details to help when choosing a route. These are paths that reveal sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, urban paths and even access resources to help people with disabilities find a suitable wheelchair path.

Improvements to Live View of Maps will allow access to real-time data about movement. You will be able to see street signs and know your location for places like your home, business, hotel or desired destination.

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Another great addition is the display of points of interest based on the day and time of the appointment. For example: if you search on maps at 11 PM, you’ll only see nearby snack bars that are open for that day and time – basically a “hand on the wheel” to help tourists find the right places to visit, without missing a trip.

You will also be allowed access to Street View photos to help you find where you want from neighborhood photos. This will make it easier to understand what is going on around you and whether there is too much or too little to get to.

It will also be possible to know if the place is very crowded at that moment, such as parks, restaurants or tourist attractions. The area will be marked on the map with the information if it is more full than usual, more empty or with the expected audience.

These more detailed street maps will be released on Android and iOS in 50 more cities by the end of 2021, including São Paulo / SP. Others, according to The Google, It should arrive in “the coming months.”

What do you think about additions to Google Maps? Are they resources that make your routine easier? Comment in the field specified below.

Source: The Google

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