Is It Worth Watching Good Witch Season 6?

Good Witch Season 6

If you are a fan of Catherine bell and James Dayton, fans of the fictional series(witch), you must have heard about season 6 of Good witch. The season has already been premiered on May 3rd, 2020, and concluded on July 5th, 2020.

The Good witch franchise has already delivered 11 movies and TV shows.

It is the excellent work of directors Craig Pryce, Alison Reid, and Jonathan Wright. ?The main producer’s include ted miller and frank Siracusa showed immense trust in writers Darin Goldberg, Vincent, and Ernie dobson.

Till now, 7 seasons have streamed with 75 episodes each of 45-minute screenplay.

What Is the Plotline of Good Witch Season 6?

The web series of genre comedy-drama and fantasy has a great fan base in the USA and Canada and across the world.

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The story revolves around a town named Middleton and its oldest house called grey house, in which a “Good Witch ” named Cassie lives with her daughter grace one day. She got new neighbours, a divorcee Dr sham, and his son Nick. Later, Sham got to know cassie’s charm is more than just a magic touch this is what happens in season 1 . all episodes are around the bonding and interaction between Cassie and Sham.

Good Witch Season 6

In season 2: Sham and Cassie share a moment of connection at the lake house that surprises them both. in between Middleton has its annual lights festivals and some unforeseen changes are waiting for them.

In Season 3: after getting to know from sham’s sister that sham is not interested in getting married after the divorce she went to Chicago to clear her head. her cousin also arrived and a new set of drama starts after this.

In season 4: after all the unforeseen challenges and incidents both of them mutually agreed that their wedding might not be as perfect as planned, but they feel the same as they used to be in the beginning, unusual incidents happen which take them more closer as ever before.

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In season 5: The story takes a U-turn and Cassie and sham marry each other at the same time their children nick and grace are going to graduate from their high school and cassie wants to make it a special one at this time nick and grace come closer and trying to know more about each other they get some difficulties in between but get through.

Good Witch Season 6

In season 6: in this season, both of them have completed their one year of marriage and celebrating their first marriage anniversary, cassie gave him a memorable gift but Sham forgot and was not sure about his gift.

Little disappointment for lily fans because You will not find the chemistry between Nick and grace as lily fay is leaving the show as her contract has over with hallmark.

Many fans wanted nick and grace as a couple and their parents as close friends, Since it had not happened. Many fans are not happy with this.

Meanwhile, Martha and dotty ( Donovan’s mother) get into a bidding war over a mansion that once belonged to davenport. Abigail (cousin of cassie) and Donovan were expecting something wrong to happen with them and try to discover. What is that curse?

When Will the Good Witch Come Into Existence for the Audience?

Season 6 of the Good Witch has already got aired May 3rd, 2020, and concluded on July 5th, 2020

Good Witch Season 6

What Are the Characters Involved in the Series Good Witch?

. Catherine bell as cassie nightingale ” The Good witch”

. James Danton as Dr sham Radford

. Lily fay Mowbray as grace ( not in Season 6)

. Rhys Matthew bond as nick Radford

. Sarah power as Abigail Pershing

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What Are the Ratings of Good Witch Season 6?

Since all the series of good witch gave an excellent performance on OTT platforms under Hallmark and Co. Season 6 has also shown its brilliance in which all the episodes have an IMDB rating over 8.2 and an overall rating is 8.3, which makes it worth watching the series. You can check reviews rotten tomatoes and IMDb.

Where Can We Watch All 10 Episodes of Good Witch Season 6?

previous all season was streamed on Netflix but this time all the episodes would be available on Amazon, I-tunes and Vudu


It is a romantic and comedy show, hence is popular worldwide with a versatile audience. The chemistry between Cassie and Sham in season 6 is on another level. The dilemma of grace and nick is something which Cill let you think 😉 and poor Abigail and Donovan will be in the quest of finding answers to unseen questions.


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