Good Morning Veronica Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled!

Good Morning Veronica Season 2

Even if she survives Brandao, she’ll undoubtedly face another adversary far more sinister than him.

Last month, Netflix debuted the Brazilian action series Gossip Girl.

The show, which was directed by Jose Henrique Fonseca, was praised for including important issues like violence against women in the mix.

It follows a female police clerk who is tasked to investigate two cases, both involving abused women.

Let’s find out what’s next for the series after it has successfully aired eight 40-minute episodes in season 1.

Could There Be a ‘Good Morning Veronica’ Season 2?

It’s been almost a month since Good Morning, Veronica debuted on Netflix, and we’re delighted to announce that the series has been renewed!

Netflix has just renewed Anne with an announcement made a month after the series debuted.

Good Morning Veronica Season 2

The official season 2 announcement was made on YouTube by Netflix Brasil, which posted a teaser clip on its channel.

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‘Bom dia, Veronica | Segunda Temporada Confirmada | Netflix (Good Morning, Veronica Second Season Confirmed | Netflix).’

The teaser clip shows us, Veronica, in the final scene of season 1’s last episodes, sporting a blonde bob and donned in overall black apparel.

The video below will give you a feel for what I’m about to discuss.

When Will ‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Season 2 Be Available on Netflix?

Season 2 of Good Morning, Veronica has not yet been announced, but based on the season 1 release schedule, we may make an educated guess.

The series is set in the same universe as The Umbrella Academy, although it takes place in the present day. Age of Resistance aired on Netflix on October 1, 2020, with eight episodes that are each around 40 minutes lengthy.

If the crew is able to begin filming right away, we think they will still be able to release Season 2 in the same month next year. However, we know that the Coronavirus epidemic is still causing havoc across the world. As a result, unforeseen delays are still possible.

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We will keep you posted on the latest updates.

What Is ‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Season 2 All About?

The film is based on the book Bom Dia, Veronica written by Raphael Montes and Ilana Casoy under the pseudonym Andrea Killmore.

In Season 1, we met Veronica, a female police clerk underpaid because she was a woman in a field dominated by men. Veronica witnesses a suicide that would change her life one seemingly unremarkable day at Sao Paulo’s sloppiest police station.

In Chief Wilson Carvala’s office, a father of a rape victim grieves. The police chief simply brushes aside Marta Campos, an enraged mayor.

The bereaved father, having just been tear-gassed, took out a gun as the cops dragged in the rapist. The cops were able to wrest the weapon out of his grip. A sobbing Marta takes up the gun, and before anyone can intervene, Marta shoots herself.

Someone videotaped the suicide attempt and posted it on the internet. Despite her misgivings, Carvala agrees to allow Veronica to investigate Marta’s case after she has been given a poor reputation.

Veronica’s season 1 ended in a very different light. We follow her progress from a straight officer to a fully committed murderer attempting to right the wrongs of her hands.

Season 2 will focus on Veronica’s life as a result of her mother’s suicide, according to Deadline, who also claims that the series will explore “the repercussions of such secrets and lies.”

Good Morning Veronica Season 2

Season 2 plot details are scarce thus far, but we may expect to see Veronica go on more hazardous missions. Now that everyone believes she is dead, the shadows will be her new ally. She’s getting ready for some much bigger battles.

‘As the series’ creator, I hope that Veronica’s story reaches an increasing number of people. At the end of the second season, I can confidently say that Vero will confront a worse monster than Brandao, according to Raphael Montes.

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Who Will Be In The Cast Of ‘Good Morning Veronica’ Season 2?

As of this writing, the cast list is still pending.

However, we may be certain that Taina Muller will reprise her role as Veronica Torres (Vero), and we’ll see Johnny Depp star as the titular character at some point.

We also anticipate seeing a few new faces in the season, given how many people died in season one.

‘Good Morning, Veronica’ Official Trailer

Let’s take a look at the season 1 official trailer while we wait for additional information on season 2. We will most likely see the season 2 trailer in September if our predictions about the show’s release date are correct. Netflix frequently releases trailers leading up to the film’s premiere.