Good Morning Call Season 3: What Is Known About The Release Status?


The first season of Good morning’s name aired on Netflix in Japan from February 2016 to June 2016, and on Fuji TV On Demand of Netflix worldwide. Season two of this internet series premiered in 2017.

It has been confirmed by the sources that production is continuing at full speed, with a third season already underway. As of now, we anticipate the third season to be released.

Nao and Hisashi will be observed in the third season, which means Season 3 has a great opportunity to deliver an outstanding, unique romantic tale. There’s a lot of excitement in the following for Season 3 updates, especially since many viewers and followers have been eagerly awaiting them.

Good Morning Call Season 3: Release Date!

Hello, My Name Is Doris is a Netflix original series that debuted in February 2016 and ended in June of the same year. The second season arrived one year later in September 2017. The writers are currently working on a third romantic season, despite the fact that no official announcements have been made.

Good Morning Call Season 3

There is still hope for a huge hit love sequel. Good Morning Call Season 3 does not include any extra information or content. As a result, supporters and viewers anticipate another exciting season.

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Is There an Official Trailer?

However, there has been no official trailer for Season 3 of the Good Morning Call released. Netflix has just removed Greetings from the Galaxy, which was previously available on both Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

Those who haven’t seen these mega-hits seasons yet might now catch up. It’s time for associates to go first and watch the series’ first two seasons before diving into the third. Only then will you realize how much fun the third season will be.

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Cast & Characters

Good Morning Call Season 3

  • by Nao Yoshikawa, Haruka Fukuhara is a song by Nao Yoshikawa.
  • Shunya Shiraishi was performed by Hisashi Uehara.
  • Marina Konno as Moe Arai
  • Shugo Nagashima was written by Yuichi Mitsuishi.
  • Issei Sata, Marina Kudryavtseva and Tatyana Yarovaya performed by Marina Kudryavtseva, Issei Sata, and Tatyana Youravaya
  • Koya Nagasawa is a song by Japanese composer Jun Abe, sung in English by Canadian actress Koyomi Makihara.
  • and different solid members.


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