Are ‘Married at First Sight’ Couple Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Gil and Myrla Still Together

Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria, participants in the famous Married at First Sight experiment, did not have an easy time of it. Despite their many disagreements, Gil and Myrla decided to spend the rest of their lives together on Decision Day during Season 13.

But are they still together? Keep reading to learn the latest details on Gil and Myrla’s relationship.

Are Gil and Myrla Still Together?

Even though they opted to stay together on Decision Day, their relationship lasted for only 14 days after the cameras stopped rolling.

Gil and Myrla Still Together
“I was blindsided by how things went down,” Gil told the experts during the Married at First Sight reunion in November 2021. She felt a certain way, but she never told me about it. The end came before I realized it.

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Though Myrla insisted that money wasn’t the sole factor in their split, the leadership coach explained to the jury, “For me, there were things that transpired after Decision Day where I didn’t believe that I could feel safe with him to make financial decisions for us in the future.”

Gil’s frequent use of the term “Debbie D downer” to describe his new wife eventually irritated her to no end. I’ve never had that happen in a relationship,” Myrla told the broadcaster, Kevin Frazer. “I mean, if you don’t like it, it’s like, ‘I mean, I guess this is just the way that person is.'”

Gil is confident in the expert’s matching process despite the traumatic split he witnessed on video. In a video interview with YouTuber Lisa Alastuey in December 2021, Gil said, “I don’t think it’s the formula that needs to be modified.” Ultimately, it’s the individuals who cause the most trouble.

The former MAFS contestant said, seemingly alluding to the ex-unrealistic wife’s expectations, “A lot of people aren’t prepared to change, and they set these absurd criteria that, you know, not even if they invented this person it would work out.”

What Happened Between ‘Married at First Sight’ Couple Gil and Myrla?

Gil and Myrla Still Together

However, Mryla decided she no longer wanted to be with Gil fourteen days after Decision Day. What Gil Confided:

“Unfortunately, since Decision Day, we have not been together.”

Myrla explained her decision by expressing:

“It was a variety of things. I think for me, it was just acknowledging that we are just so different. The things that I had said were just non-negotiables for me wereAND  RELEVANT to me. For me, financial stability is reluctant.”

Gil, on the other hand, doesn’t buy it because he brings in an extra $100 every two weeks.

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For her part, Myrla has stated that she and the two in question lacked any sort of chemistry. The star of Married at, First Sight, revealed that she was miserable and unable to fake happiness. Her further explanation was as follows:

“He’s an amazing person, he’s handsome, everything. But we are just not for each other.”

What was real to Gil was that Myrla had been misleading and suppsurprising from the start. His presumption that their connection hinged on his ability to speak his mind was incorrect.

Myrla insists she made the right choice. What she revealed was as follows:

“I did what I felt was best for him. I did not think it was healthy for you to be around me. I told you that. He didn’t look happy…I could tell. He deserves all the happiness in the world, and I want him to be happy.”

Why Did Myrla Break Up With Gil?

Although viewers and experts saw significant disparities between Myrla and Gil in terms of lifestyle and attitude, they believed the two might bring out the best in one other. Myrla changed her mind in the end and chose to call it quits.

Gil and Myrla Still Together

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Myrla mentioned that Gil’s dishonesty regarding his finances was a big role in a recent interview.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Did Johnny and Myrla Get Together?

After Bao rejected Johnny and Myrla filed for divorce from Gil shortly after the end of season 13, Johnny and Myrla appeared to be developing a relationship. At the reunion, Johnny and Myrla spoke gleefully about their friendship and how they have traveled together since the end of the show.

Did Myrla and Gil Consummate Their Marriage?

Two weeks before the day of choice, despite Myrla’s initial hesitation to engage in physical intimacy, she and Gil consummate their marriage.

How Long Did Myrla and Gil Remain a Couple?

Although the couple initially opted not to part up on Decision Day, their romance lasted less than fourteen days after the cameras were removed. “I was taken aback by how things transpired,” Gil told the experts during November 2021 Married at First Sight reunion.

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