“Ghosted” Movie Release Date: Everything We Know So Far!


Ghosted Movie Release Date: The new movie “Ghosted” will debut on Apple TV+ in 2023. Paranormal suspense is promised in the flick, which will reportedly have viewers on the edge of their seats. Ghosted has an A-list cast, but the plot is kept secret. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, two actors well-known for their work in the MCU, will portray the leads.

About the “Ghosted” Movie

Ghosted is a forthcoming romantic comedy action-adventure film that will be directed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers, based on a scenario that was developed by Reese and Wernick.

Ghosted Movie Release Date

The film will be produced in the United States of America. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas play major roles in the movie.

Ghosted Movie Release Date

According to Wikipedia, the premiere of “Ghosted” has been scheduled for April 21, 2023. Having such a stellar cast and creative team behind it, fans can’t wait for this film’s premiere.

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Apple TV+ is making waves in the media sector with its impressive lineup of original programming. Some of the streaming service’s original TV shows have received high critical acclaim from critics. Apple TV+ is expanding into the film industry with the release of Ghosted, and viewers are eager to discover what the service has to offer in this new arena.

Plot of Ghosted Movie

Ghosted, a romantic comedy depicts the extraordinary story of a couple. A shocking sequence of circumstances dramatically alters their life just as feelings of attraction begin to develop between them. The narrative also stresses the importance of not pressuring individuals if they don’t respond to your calls or messages.

Ghosted Movie Release Date

Salt-of-the-earth Cole is head over heels in love with the intriguing Sadie. To his utter shock, he finds out that she is a covert operative. Before Cole and Sadie can even plan a second date, they are whisked away on a global adventure to save the world. Movie reviews have compared Ghosted to another ‘80s classic, Romancing the Stone.

Evans learns that his ideal girl’s life is more complicated than he had anticipated after he travels abroad. She says she helped the CIA and was kidnapped before de Armas rescued her. Following their escape from the plane, the two are shown crossing what appears to be an isolated island while escaping gunfire.

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If done right, Ghosted has the potential to be a hilarious send-up of Tom Cruise’s action flicks like Knight and Day. The female protagonist is an unwitting victim of the male protagonist’s spying.

Cast Members of Ghosted Movie

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas play the main protagonists, Cole and Sadie, respectively. Most people recognize Evans from his portrayal of Captain America in the MCU. However, Avengers: Endgame, released in 2019, was his last appearance in the MCU. Since then, he’s been in several films, including Knives Out, Defending Jacob, Lightyear, and The Gray Man. Evans had a memorable cameo in Free Man as well.

As a result of her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in the 2018 film Blonde, Ana de Armas was nominated for an Academy Award. She has also made cameo appearances in movies including Blade Runner 2049, War Dogs, the aforementioned Deep Water, No Time to Die, and Sergio. Both Evans and de Armas have worked on several films together, including Knives Out and The Gray Man.

Amy Sedaris, Adrien Brody, Tim Blake Nelson, Tate Donovan, and Mike Moh round out the cast of Ghosted.

Trailer of Ghosted Movie

Ghosted premiered its first episode on Apple TV+ just lately. A super spy played by de Armas and a plain Jane played by Evans are hinted to have a thrilling, romantic, and amusing trip. Ghosted may seem like a generic romantic comedy after the first couple of minutes of the trailer.

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Ghosted is a romantic comedy action-adventure film directed by Dexter Fletcher and written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas star as the lead couple, Cole and Sadie, who embark on a global adventure to save the world. The film premieres on Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023, and has been compared to the ‘80s classic, Romancing the Stone. The trailer is available on Apple TV’s official YouTube account.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Ghost Movie Be Released?

The release date for Ghosted Movie is April 21, 2023.

Who is in the Ghosted Movie Cast?

Chris Evans, Fahim Fazli, Ana de Armas, Tim Blake Nelson, and Scott Vogel appear in Ghosted.

Is There a Ghosted Movie Trailer?

The film’s trailer is available on Apple TV’s official YouTube account.

What Are the Early Opinions of Ghosted?

Ghosted Movie is already generating attention among viewers and industry professionals because of its superb ensemble and fascinating plot.

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