Scaring Experience Shared By ‘The Ghost Adventures Crew’


The Ghost Adventures crew investigates the house featured in the movie, “The Conjuring.” They share their spooky experience with you.

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The Ghost Adventures Crew Examines the Conjuring House and Tells Us What They Saw

It’s said to be one of the scariest horror films in recent memory, and ghost hunters claim to have had a similarly frightening experience.

The Conjuring universe is one of the most well-known horror brands currently active. The film premiered in 2012, and it has since been dubbed one of the most frightening movies to ever appear. The Perron family, who resided in the Harrisville farmhouse during the 1970s, was subjected to an unthinkable and supernatural torment.

Every member of the family has claimed to have witnessed supernatural events at their home. Starting with strange occurrences such as objects disappearing or being relocated from their usual location to seeing ghosts appear in their home, classic haunting phenomena have been observed.

It’s almost Halloween, which means costumes, sweets, apple cider, jack-o’-lanterns, Halloweentown, and a special of the month from Ghost Adventures! It’s Zak Bagans’ favorite time of year!

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After researching the history of the house and attempting to figure out what is causing all of these supernatural occurrences, you begin preparing for another full moon in January 2021.

The family matriarch, Carolyn Perron, learned that the home had previously been occupied by a family of eight generations and that several relatives had perished under suspicious circumstances. Furthermore, many individuals from that family have perished in a particularly terrible way, according to the Occult Museum.

I’m not sure how long until Halloween, but I’d like to see the Halloween episode with GhostAdventures visiting the REAL CONJURING HOUSE.

The crew of ‘Ghost Adventures‘ couldn’t wait to go and see the formerly haunted home after seeing it in the film, therefore it’s only natural that they wanted to go and check out the legendary spooky house. After it had been sold to someone else, the entire crew was invited to visit the paranormal attraction.

Jeff Belanger, the show’s creator, is known to be acquainted with the latest owner of the home, and they filmed an entire investigation series that will premiere on Halloween, according to reports.

The mood will be extra frightening! TheGhostAdventures crew will examine the house that inspired TheConjuring movies, as well as the site of Nancy Pellicci’s spirit photo. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

The creators of the ghost tour have previously stated that they have obtained ‘amazing video’ during their trip. Zak Bagans has stated several things about what occurred when they went to the farmhouse after all of the filming and production was complete.

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He explained, “When I talked to the son, he said that what he saw in that home – and they’ve only been there for a month – was traumatized. It traumatized them. He decided to leave his home for three weeks… Then I started comparing it to what they were seeing, which was the same thing that the Perrons saw in 1973.

Really? It was announced on January 21, 2019 that Travel Channel would return to the airwaves with a 7-part series titled “Stunt Junkie”. I’m sure they’ll find something for this guy to do.

Finally, it’s already been 3 months since these jackasses aired their first full episode on July 27th! And what does this mean I’d rather see what the TNWRAITHCHASERS can do with that two hours of time. Last year’s HauntedLive was fantastic; there was a lot of activity, but they need a two-hour window

During their exploration, the Ghost Adventures team found that Andrea Perron, the eldest daughter of the Perron family, who was the most haunted by all of the paranormal events, had joined them. In addition, Bagans discussed his personal experience at the Harrisville Farmhouse and added that this research had a significant psychological cost for him.

Over the weekend, he visited his friends and family to express his appreciation for their support. He explained, “It took me a few weeks to get over this, and it’s unusual. That’s extremely unusual; on the whole, it’ll usually take two or three days.

Aaron, one of my investigators, wanted to prematurely terminate the study because he recognized we were extremely susceptible to attachments and was correct. So it was one case that I will never forget.


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