Georgia election results close to the $ 15 federal minimum wage

President-elect Joe Biden (C) and U.S. Senate Democratic nominees John Osof (L) and the Rev. Fr. Rafael Warnock (R) greeted the supporters. .

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A $ 15 federal minimum wage was close after Tuesday’s Georgia run-off election The Senate is likely to flip control Consolidation of government under Democrats.

Such a pay rise would exceed the current federal minimum wage of $ 7.25 an hour, but may face opposition from some Republicans and business groups.

The Rev. of the Democratic Party. Rafael Warnock, who won the U.S. Senate race in Georgia on Tuesday, is the current Republican leader. Kelly dropped Lofler, according to NBC News predictions.

Democrat John Osof led by Republican David Berdu, whose Senate seat expired Sunday, the other Georgia race, was too close to call Wednesday afternoon, NBC News reports.

Democratic victories in those contests will limit Democrats to the Senate, the House and the presidency. Congress It is planned to ensure the success of President-elect Joe Biden President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

“It’s absolutely a priority,” said Mark Hamrick, a senior economist at Bangkok, who spoke in support of the Democrats’ passage of legislation to set higher wages.

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Democrats, especially those in the party’s liberal wing, have long offered to raise the national minimum wage. Sen., an independent Vermont who votes with Democrats. Bernie Sanders said in a tweet on Tuesday that the $ 15 minimum wage is at stake in Georgia’s election.

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Proponents of raising the salary base argue that the current standard does not provide Americans with a living wage.

Per year, 15,080

Federal minimum wage, Currently 25 7.25 per hour, Not raised since 2009. According to the National Wage Act, that wage is translated into 15,080 for a full-time, year-round worker.

Its value Eroded over time, Because wages do not rise with the cost of living.

Warnock and Osoff are lawyers for the $ 15 minimum wage, which has been emphasized several times in recent months. Biden promised to raise the wage base to $ 15 an hour. House Voted so in 2019.

Many states, cities and counties have recently increased their minimum wage to $ 15 or more. Forty cities and districts may or may not have met the $ 15 minimum wage by the end of 2021, According to To the National Employment Law Scheme.

“What we have seen in the United States over the last 40 years is that wages for working people have been suppressed, while income for shareholders has gone through the roof,” Osaf said. Said On the campaign track.

Higher wages help black and Hispanic workers proportionately than other groups such as whites and Asians, research Performances. In December, Warnock called the minimum wage an “ethnic justice issue.”

Raising wages comes at a time when there are low-wage earners and ethnic minorities Is proportionally affected by job loss And poverty during Govt epidemics.


Some business groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation for Free Trade, have expressed opposition, with the $ 15 national minimum wage raising labor costs and pushing employers to lay off workers.

Small businesses that have lower cash reserves or profit margins to absorb higher labor costs will be more likely to bear the brunt of those negative effects, NFIB Said Earlier this year.

Gradually raising wages to $ 15 by 2025 is projected to increase the wages of 17 million Americans Ratings Published by the Budget Office of Congress. About 10 million people earning more than $ 15 an hour could receive a pay rise. But an estimated 1.3 million workers will lose their jobs.

There seems to be a momentum with Democrats on this issue due to the overwhelming popular support, however, Hamrick said.

“The economy was able to bear the brunt of that increase again [in 2009], “Said Hamrick.” Apparently that year was challenging for other reasons [due to the Great Recession], But no one looks back on 2009, saying ‘this is a big policy mistake’.

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