Georgia begins to reaffirm Biden’s victory for the 3rd time, a major blow to Trump’s attempt to overturn the results.

The news of the reshuffle is another blow to President Donald Trump Was said to be unsubstantiated It was a “bad” election in the state and hit election officials for not overturning the results in his favor. Monday Certificate Trump will lock up state decisions for Fiden ahead of the Dec. 14 election college vote, although Trump continues to prosecute Republican Rafensberger and has called for further signature verification – that is, at this point, Practically impossible.
“We have now counted the votes that have been legally voted on three times and the results remain unchanged,” Rafensberger told a news conference Monday morning. “It simply came to our notice then Failed Cubernatorial Candidate, Condemn and reject false information related to the election administration. Honesty matters. Truth is important. “

He continued, “Today, the Secretary of State will review the results of our state’s election.

Biden Won With more than 12,000 votes, the state became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Peach State in nearly three decades. President Brian Kemp certified the results of Biden’s victory on November 20, following a statewide audit that included nearly 5 million ballots cast in the election.
Georgia authorities, including Rafensberger Denied Trump’s claims Widespread voter fraud and on Monday, the Secretary of State again said that the spread of misinformation about the state election is affecting the state.

“Continuing to make repeated claims of a stolen election affects our state,” Rafensberger said. “The president has the procedural rights he deserves, and he has them. It’s time we all focus on the future and development.”

Although Trump has said he will continue to fight the election results, legal challenges to alter or delay the certification of the results continue to fail. A feeling is growing within his legal team that their efforts to overturn or delay the election results are coming to an end and that the rest of his campaign staff, Numerous sources tell CNN’s Guidlon Collins.

On Monday, a federal judge in Georgia dismissed two movements brought by attorney Sidney Powell aimed at altering election results in the state.

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“The plaintiffs have no position to present these claims,” Judge Timothy Baton ruled from the bench immediately following an hour-long argument.

Baton also lifted a temporary restraining order preventing election officials from removing recent election data from Dominion voting machines in Cope, Quinnet and Cherokee districts. Election officials in Georgia say machines will be needed for the initial vote, which begins next week, ahead of the Jan. 5 Senate election.

Republicans have turned a blind eye to Trump’s chances of winning the state and his re-election. Senate Election Elections, Which will determine which party controls the room. Some Georgia GOP officials are concerned that the president’s continued attacks on the state’s electoral process could affect Republicans’ chances of winning the race.
During a campaign rally for the current Republicans in Georgia on Saturday, Kelly Lofler and David Bertou continued to spread false claims about the election and the reasons for his loss. The day before, he Kemp pressure To convene a special election and convince state legislators to thwart Biden’s victory in the state. Kemp and Lt. Jeff Duncan released a joint statement Sunday rejecting requests from four state senators to hold a special session.
When asked for a while Discussion On Sunday, his Democratic opponent, the Rev. Fr. With Rafael Warnock, Lofler would not openly say so if he believed it was an election fraud, but responded, “It is very clear that there were problems in this election.”

CNN’s Marshall Cohen and Kevin Conlan contributed to the report.

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