6 Best Gender Swap Apps for Android and iOS

Gender Swap Apps

Gender-swapping photos have taken over the Internet. Have you ever wondered how all those photographs are created? There’s an app for that, too!

Genderswap applications 2022 for Android and iOS let you try on the opposite sex. These apps give you authentic-looking results, and some even let you create videos with your voiceover modified!

Here are the top 6 apps in that category that are well worth your time. Check it out! If you want to know how you’ll age, you should read this article.

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What Exactly Is A Gender Swap App?

Gender switch applications aren’t new if you’ve been engaged in everything on the internet recently. If that’s the case, this overview is for you.

Gender Swap Apps

A gender swap app, as the name implies, transforms you into the opposing gender. It began as a basic filter on social media sites such as Snapchat before developers created specialized apps for the same purpose.

In terms of the underlying technology, a gender swap software scans regions of your photo and applies filters to them using artificial intelligence (AI). People are quick to jump on board because the resulting photographs are usually amusing.

1. FaceApp

Gender Swap Apps

FaceApp is a picture editing tool that lets you apply a variety of cool effects to your photos. You can imagine how you would seem in old age if you were considerably younger or had a dazzling grin! You can also see how you’d appear if you were the opposite gender.

Take a selfie and select one of the buttons at the bottom of your screen to use FaceApp. The most intriguing aspect is that the results are not only realistic but also evident right away, unlike in other similar programs where applying a filter takes time.

The secret is that, as stated by the developers, an artificial intelligence system is employed to change photos. It analyzes the image and expertly applies the desired effects.

2. Face Changer – Face Swap Booth

Face Swap Booth is the second app on our list. This program allows you to change your gender and look in photographs.

Gender Swap Apps

This software isn’t just for changing your gender, so you’ll find plenty of other entertaining filters in addition to that.

For example, there are several tools for adjusting appearances, allowing you to merge the appearances of multiple persons or simply arrange them in different locations. You can even move sections of the faces rather than the entire faces. As a result, you can change the color of your eyes, lips, and even your hairdo.

The gender switch tool is simple to use and produces reasonable results. All you have to do is upload your selfie to the app and toggle the switch. The process is completely automated and normally takes only a few seconds.

3. Snapchat

Gender Swap Apps

Snapchat features a large collection of filters that you may use to edit or enhance your photographs. It’s also a really effective gender swap app. Unlike FaceApp, however, the filter that may be used for the hilarious augmentation is somewhat stiff. To make the filter look genuine, there are just a few settings that may be changed. That’s not to say the filter isn’t entertaining; it certainly does.

Snapchat’s filter band or menu is continuously changing, however those filters are merely floating around in Snapchat. You’ll need to look for them in the app. All you have to do to use the gender swap filter is seek up the “My Twin” filter by touching the magnifying glass icon beside your avatar symbol in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

4. Face Story: Gender and Age Swap

Gender Swap Apps

Making virtual manipulations with your face and seeing what you would look like “what if” is a lot of fun. The problem is that those apps are typically overly specific and just have one function – such as face north or gender swap. All of those functions are available in one convenient location.

Simply upload your photo to the app and select the appropriate action. Simply choose this category for the gender change. Face Story will convert a boy into a girl, and a girl into a guy, and it does it rather well – at the very least, you won’t seem like a humanoid with hazy features in your modified photo.

5. Live Face Swap

Face Swap Live is a photo editing program that lets you change your appearance in real-time.

Gender Swap Apps

This program began as an appearance builder, but it can now provide you with much more. It’s a full-featured editor with a variety of filters and features to experiment with.

You can begin with easy editing tasks such as copilot correction or quotes before progressing to more exciting features. Face modifying, gender-swapping, babyface, and even the aging tool that went popular a while ago are all options.

The best part of this app is that you can test all of the fun filers in real-time. You can make amusing videos with your friend by transforming their appearances or experimenting with various effects.

6. Instagram

It’s a silly decision, but everyone knows that Instagram is full of masks, and this platform is one of the first to be updated in this field.

You can change your gender with dozens of masks – just go to the tales area, click on the masks in the lower half of the screen, and then proceed to the search. You can type the name of a mask’s developer or only the name of the mask you’re looking for in the search field.

If you’re looking for a gender switch mask, type this phrase into the app and it will find something for you. Hold the big white button on the lowest portion of the screen to apply the effect to yourself and record the video.


With many of the mentioned gender switch applications displaying advertisements and demanding you to purchase for additional features, sticking to the major ones advised might be a simple decision.

That’s OK, but the other applications specialize in gender-swapping and don’t rely just on makeup filters. That is why they are also worth looking into. It is, however, ultimately your decision as to which to download.

One thing is certain: Whether you want to prank someone, hide your identity, or just have a good laugh, the apps we’ve shared can help!