Gas prices are in a constant surge in Western New York


As per the American Automobile Association, gas prices are in a constant surge. In the past two weeks, the prices have touched the sky. The national gas prices have seen an increase by 13 cents. Consumers will feel the pressure of this constant gas price hike. The last fortnight has witnessed a crucial hike in gas prices. According to data by the American Automobile Association, the national average has increased by 13 cents during the past two weeks.
During the same time period, the average price of gas in Buffalo has also increased by 13 cents. There has been a 5 cent increase from last week, bringing the Buffalo average to $3.36.
Likewise, Batavia has also witnessed a surge in gas prices. In Batavia, the gas prices are also up 5 cents to a total average of $3.38. As per the American Automobile Association data, gas prices in Batavia have increased by 12 cents in the past two weeks. Having said that, one must also notice that while the demand for gas has gone down and domestic gasoline stock has decreased, high crude oil prices have kept prices up, according to AAA.