Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice in Education

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice in Education

Theory is something that teaches us how things work and should be in a perfect world, while experience teaches everyone that certain theories will and will not work in a world that isn’t perfect.  This article by will talk about the theory-practice gap and if it can be closed by high-quality or experienced professional educators.

Albert Einstein came up with a very popular quote which says “In theory, theory and practice are the same, In practice, they are not“. Many pro essay experts have pointed out for years that tension has always been there between practice and theory. One of those essay writers is Joan Young from Advanced Writers, and she said, “These two entities are linked together through the process of application and abstraction. To put it in simple terms, practice retterritotializes a theory, and deterritorialized practice”. This is a practice that is ultimately becoming a theory, and vice versa is what the quote above means.

The Meaning of the Theory-practice Gap

One who is tasked with writing essays on this topic can look at the theory-practice gap in several ways. It can be seen as the difference between common practice and idealized practice. It can also be seen as the major difference between general principles that are taught vs the difficulties people have in interpreting them when they have to apply them in specific situations.

The two meanings above are the ones that stand out the most when people are talking about the theory-practice gap, however, there’s more. It can also mean the gap between people’s mental representation vs theories that have been published in books.

The experience gets us ready to find answers and solutions in a world that is changing all the time. For one to truly understand what theory and practice are, students and professional essay writers need to know that a balance exists between the two. A person needs to understand theories before implementing them in practice. There’s no better training in the world than on-the-job training, which is what many businesses use to get their employees up to speed.

When a person is experiencing processes while also watching how others work, they’ll strive to be better and become more confident. If one doesn’t have the solutions for something, research will help them find the answers because theories and practices change all the time. Learning is something that one has to enjoy if one wants to succeed in life.

One has to put them out there and educate themselves on a wide range of theories to apply them in practice. Being one-dimensional in life will get you nowhere and if you fully master the difference that exists between theory and practice, you’ll know whether to use one, both, or the other to your advantage.

Can the Gap Between Practice and Theory in Education Be Closed?

This is the question on many people’s minds and according to many experts and essay writers in the education field, they’ve stated on numerous occasions that the gap cannot be closed. Anyone who attempts to close this gap will hit a brick wall however, there are several ways it can be narrowed.


With so many unanswered questions regarding how one can completely close the practice and theory gap, the roles that mentors play in education are becoming increasingly important. Someone who is a novice in a particular area can learn a lot from their mentor and expert writers who will make sure that their knowledge is up-to-date.

It has been said so many times that people learn effectively through experience, and someone who is a novice would rather use the knowledge gained or learned from a mentor in their everyday life than solely rely on knowledge gained from reading books.

This approach has one con which is knowledge one gains on the go can be interpreted wrongly or even be flawed. For this reason, the role that mentors and paper writers play is more important than ever because they will encourage critical and reflective thinking. Sharing real-life experience on top of experimental experience can help students and professionals have up-to-date knowledge that is valid and consistent.

Narrowing the Gap Is Everyone’s Responsibility

For many years, many colleges and universities have tried to bring the gap between practice and theory closer and have little to no success rate. As pointed out above, closing the gap is very unrealistic, but the gap can be narrowed if everyone plays their part. Measures that can help narrow the gap include things like

  • Colleges and universities creating a research culture on top of practice
  • Encourage collaboration across the board
  • Improve how research is accessed by students, meaning providing them with continuous learning opportunities, learning resources, and up-to-date information.

In an ideal world, practice is informed by research and vice versa; however, finding a way to marry the two in a way to deliver the best education possible for students is easier said than done. This is because the education sector and technology around us are always changing, with many colleges and universities having to play catch up, or they’ll be left behind.

Trying to close the practice and theory gap is a challenge that will not go away anytime soon. It will always be there, and it is up to the educational institutions across the world and students to come up with ways to narrow the gap since it can’t be closed.

The reason why students are included in this equation is that they are the leaders of tomorrow. By laying the groundwork now, they can help future generations of students find new ways to narrow the gap further than it is at present.

For many educators and professional essay writers for hire across the world, trying to close the gap between things learned on the field versus what is learned in the classroom has been a major problem for years. It is a gap that is found and experienced in many careers all over the world, however, it is students who seem to struggle when it comes to bridging the theory-practice gap due to their lack of experience. There have been so many programs that have been introduced in recent years in an attempt to close the gap however, many of them are centered around the role of mentors or teachers.


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