France, Spain and Germany announce an agreement for a new air combat system

This phase, known as “ Phase 1B ”, expects an investment of approximately 3.5 billion euros, split evenly between the three countries between 2021 and 2024, to develop “ Phase 2 ”, a showcase for the new generation of European combat aircraft to determine the reliability of the technologies used. , Is scheduled to begin flying in 2027.

The project also includes the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (unmanned aerial vehicles) and advanced electronic systems to form a “combat cloud” among other military means involved in the operation, with the participation of European companies such as Airbus, Dassault and Indra.

French Defense Minister, Florence Parly, said in a joint statement with her German and Spanish counterparts, Angret, after months of discussions between the governments and companies of the three countries, that the agreement is “balanced between the various partners for the next stage.” Cramp Karenbauer and Margarita Robles respectively.

The agreement will have to be ratified by the German parliament by the end of June, in order for the country to be approved for funding in the program.

The project was launched in 2017 by France and Germany, and Spain joined shortly thereafter, aiming to replace the existing Eurofighter (developed by several European countries) and French Rafale fighters by 2040.

The statement added that “the agreed cooperation plan provides an unprecedented opportunity to enhance the industrial capabilities of the three participating countries, in a way that guarantees the competitiveness of the new system.”

The three ministers concluded that the program would “significantly enhance Europe’s position” in the defense sector and allow the three partners to act “sovereign” in their strategic defense.

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